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Esoteric Astrology

astrologyLike life, astrology has many paths. Each path is an interpretation of the knowledge of the stars, which is a tool that is available for better understanding ourselves. Esoteric astrology is one of those paths.

From the beginning of existence, humankind has sought to know more than the mundane world provides. We have always reached to the stars for those answers, which is evident from cave drawings that are many thousands of years old. This continual striving to connect and find the link between us and the planets and stars is an innate knowing that we are part of it and that everything moves in unison. As well, it is an innate knowing that therein are the answers.

Astrology is the science and art of interpreting the influence and our connectedness to the heavens. It reveals patterns of the future, psychological perspectives, medical insight, family dynamics and so much more.

The soul generates an energy that connects where time and space meet for us to enter this dimension.

Esoteric astrology is information about the soul’s qualities and purposes and it gives insight into a souls journey through time – past, present and future. It reveals the highest qualities and purposes of the soul.

Everyone has a mundane and complex life filled with mild to severe experiences. This level of life’s experiences is managed and moved through and may be very predictable. As the soul’s energy is tapped into, then the life’s experiences are transformed and not only understood, but changed in the way they are perceived and experienced. Through awareness of the soul, higher spiritual levels are activated.

Of all the ways that one lives in this dimension, there is the striving for something greater and higher. Everyone seeks bliss and peace. The struggles and complexities of life are managed and mixed with multiple realities, but the spiritual self is always authentic.

Humankind strives and seeks higher knowledge that is expressed by the religions of the world. This striving is about gaining greater alignment with the soul and finding ways to be in harmony with the greater universe and consciousness.

Esoteric astrology is a tool for gaining a more in-depth understanding and awareness of the soul, spiritual missions and karmic experiences.

Each of the signs of the zodiac represent 12 tribes who are related through that signs purposes for manifesting. This is the bigger picture. As each soul is born into this dimension, they are unique and individual based on the exact date, time and location of birth. The birth chart is a schematic grid of space. The exact alignment matches the souls purpose to allow entrance and so begin the present earthly journey. Even the symbols take on a new and in-depth meaning through esoteric knowledge.

The more we learn about our own spiritual selves, the closer we are in alignment with our soul and so manifest the higher octave of our existence. We are uplifted and transformed from the mundane existence. Learning about oneself through esoteric astrology is a way to tap into that cosmic consciousness. It lends to greater alignment with our truer and higher paths.


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