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What Does The Fall Equinox Mean For Each Sign?

There is a season: change, change, change! Yes, it’s that time of year again – time to turn a corner and welcome in a brand new season.

The seasons change when the Sun enters one of the cardinal signs: Aries (March), Cancer (June), Libra (September 22, 2017) and Capricorn (December). The first degree of each cardinal sign is called the Aries Point, and is considered extremely powerful and dynamic, as it literally helps shift the universe’s energy in an entirely new direction.

You, too, can take advantage of the Aries Point by shifting your own behaviors and putting yourself on a brand new path for the new season!

Here’s the best way for your Sun sign to spend these days of the autumn!


ariesIt’s time to tend to romantic relationships. If there are any issues that are causing friction with your significant other, try a little peace-making diplomacy to reignite the romance. If you’re single, a glamorous, new love relationship could be just around the corner, so get out and mingle!


taurusThis is a great time to reorganize your closets and tackle all those chores and duties that have been piling up around the house — and outside of it. Tend to gardening and landscaping; you will not only get the work done with aesthetically pleasing results, but also improve your own health and physical fitness.


geminiIf you long to hear the pitter-patter of little feet around your home, the first days of autumn are an auspicious time to try and conceive. If you’re already a parent, spending time with your kids can bring you great joy, and spur you to vow to make more time for them.


cancerYou are one of the most nurturing signs of the zodiac, and the first day of autumn also marks the first day the Sun enters your sector of home and family, making this your happiest time of year. Enjoy the cozy weather to cook heartwarming comfort for your clan Meal times are a sure way to bring the family even closer together.


leoTransform your home workstation into command control and tackle the communication backlog that has piled up over the summer months. Reach out to the world via email, phone or even letter. The first day of fall is an especially auspicious time to catch up with siblings and work out any issues that have been causing estrangement.


virgoInstead of making you feel trapped, surrounding yourself with material possessions gives you a feeling of rootedness and security — especially if they serve a particular purpose. Have you been meaning to buy that new vacuum? Use this period to purchase new furnishings and appliances that have a practical use for your home and will help you tend to its upkeep.


libraUse creative visualization to imagine that your home is your own personal theater, and that you are the star of the show. You are a natural charmer, and feel best when those around you appreciate you for your natural grace and glamour. Make an effort to dazzle family members, and they will be more than happy to be your enthralled audience.


scorpioTurn on, tune in, drop out. It’s time to step back from the stresses of life and get back in touch with your inner core and motivation. When the Sun enters Libra on the first day of fall, use the added help from the stars to stay at home to reflect, meditate and regain your psychological equilibrium.


sagittariusAutumn is a particularly festive time for you: Halloween, Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas activities — and your own birthday celebration! This is no surprise, as the first day of fall marks the day the Sun enters your social sector; throw a party at your house so you can make lots of new acquaintances to cultivate during the upcoming months.


capricornIf you ever wanted to start your own at-home business, commit to your loftier ambitions during the first days of fall. Even if it’s just dedicating one night a week working at the kitchen table plotting your strategy, the seeds you plant now can pay off as a nice side salary, or even full-fledged profession, in the future.


aquariusThis is a good time to convert that spare room into your own personal ashram. Buy a yoga mat, light some incense, learn the lotus position and become your own groovy guru. Meditation and spirituality can expand your consciousness and mental horizons, helping spur you on to greater achievement in your external life.


piscesBonding together with your partner in physical passion will also open the gateway to greater emotional intimacy — so let things get hot and spicy during the first days of autumn! This is also a good time to commit to a greater sharing of resources, such as taking out a mortgage and buying a new home together.

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