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False Prophets?

On November 5, 1996 the US electorate went to the polls to elect their new President. No doubt, the psychics were gazing into their crystal balls and the astrologers were assessing their astrological charts to find out who was going to win. It was a two horse race and it would have been a fairly safe bet to predict that half the psychics and astrologers would pick the winner and the other half wouldn’t!

Neptune is the planet of psychic ability and its prominence in the birthchart promotes a hyper-sensitivity that allows psychic messages to be received from others. The actual message is received via the psychic senses of the unconscious mind or soul, residing on the astral plane, and it then transmits the psychic message through to the objective consciousness using the electromagnetic energies generated by the cells of the physical body. Both the Neptune and Pluto frequencies are suitable for the transmission of psychic messages.

Most of those who claim to have prophetic visions probably receive spontaneous psychic impressions and the big problem involves the interpretation of the vision by the conscious, rational thoughts. Nostradamus, for instance, experienced visions which he described in words and sentences, but he did not interpret his visions. In recent years other people, usually in hindsight, have attempted this for him. For all we know his mystical quatrains could have been his wild imagination running riot – he did have Mars opposition Neptune in his birthchart! But usually a prophet puts their own interpretation on their psychic vision. Which means that we, the viewing audience, have to rely on their interpretation and while their vision may have been a genuine psychic message who knows if it was interpreted correctly.

Psychic ability requires Extra-Sensory Perception and the credibility of ESP has suffered at the hands of the scientific community for one very good reason: the psychics being researched all too often resorted to tricks and deception. Very few people have the ability to place themselves, at will, into a condition that is suitable for acquiring extra-sensory perceptions. ESP occurs spontaneously and as yet no one has discovered how to bring the faculties under conscious control. Psychics have on and off days – just like tennis players – but it doesn’t look good if you’re having an off day when being tested by a group of hostile scientists. So, in order to protect themselves on the off days, many psychics resorted to clever tricks, but got caught out by their investigators.

In fact the whole history of ESP has been a dazzling tale of lies, tricks, fraud and deception. It all started on March 30, 1848 when the Fox sisters in Hydesville, NY. communicated with an unseen caller named Mr Splitfoot. Fame quickly followed and the psychic skills of Kate Fox were placed under the scientific microscope of Sir William Crooks; and Leah Fox became a professional medium. But then on October 22, 1888 Margarita Kane (nee Fox) announced to a packed New York Academy of Music: ‘I am here tonight as one of the founders of Spiritualism to denounce it as an absolute falsehood from beginning to end, as the flimsiest of superstitions, the most wicked blasphemy known to the world. It’s all a trick!’ But, within a year she had retracted all her claims. It may sound very melodramatic, but lies, deceptions, tricks and melodrama are all ruled by Neptune – the ESP planet!

Helena Petrova Blavatsky

The Age of Spiritualism produced an astonishing array of psychics and mystics and one of the most famous was Helena Petrova Blavatsky. She was born on July 31, 1831 OS (August 12, 1831 NS) at Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine (48N27; 34E59) between midnight and dawn – from her. She had mediumistic skills and her amazing astral messages were documented in her book, The Secret Doctrine. On November 17, 1875 at around 8.00pm in New York City (40N45; 73W58) she and Henry Steel Alcott founded the Theosophical Society. Alcott was born August 2, 1832 in Orange NJ (74W14; 40N46) at 11.15am LMT but please note the time is not reliably sourced. Blavatsky’s masters revealed to her the insidious and false doctrine of human reincarnation and she, in turn, revealed it to the western world.

It’s against this mystical and intriguing background that the genuine observer seeks to work out if there is any credibility to modern day prophecy and the fantastic apocalyptic visions of the new age prophets. Edgar Cayce has some hits and a lot of misses; but those who interpret Nostradamus miss all the time. And now chance mathematics can be applied to confirm if the prophecies are genuine, or just good guesses.

Times have certainly changed since the Bible prophets recorded their fantastic visions. Jeanne Dixon used radio, television and her autobiography; while psychics, like Gordon-Michael Scallion, use the latest technology to broadcast their predictions to the four corners of the global village. Techno-psychics reveal their apocalyptic revelations on audio tapes, video tapes and the internet. Yet, while apocalyptic culture runs on tragedy and destruction, good things do happen. To this writer’s knowledge no professional prophet predicted (publicly before the event occurred) the end of the Cold War, the demise of apartheid, the fall of communism or the unification of the two Germany’s. These significant political events were probably missed because they lacked the terror and destruction demanded by the apocalyptic end days.

Jeanne Dixon

Well known US psychic Jeanne Dixon claimed she was born in 1918 and after being spotted by a Gypsy fortune-teller was advising people about their future at age nine. This fabulous story is probably a Neptune myth. She was really born on January 5, 1904 at 2.00pm, Medford WI (90W20, 45N09) – from Edwin Steinbrecher. This means she was nine in 1913 – which was five years before she says she was born! It is socially acceptable for ladies to tell ‘little lies’ about their age but Dixon wiped 14 years of her birthdate. She was raised a Roman Catholic and no doubt this coloured her relationship with God and her psychic impressions. A chart erected with Placidus house cusps will allow the reader to observe the following assessment of her astrological profile.

The Moon dominated her birthchart and she generated huge volumes of mediumistic Moon type electromagnetic energy. She generated a large volume of low wavelength, low potential electric ity and, like Edgar Cayce, was a negative medium who spontaneously received psychic messages. Her Moon, in the ambitious 3rd decanate of Leo, was opposition Mars mapping an aggressive mentality and with Mars in her 10th house her reputation was constantly under attack. But this opposition was conciliated by Pluto, the intellectual ESP planet, in her 1st house and while she tuned in on Pluto, and avoided the Moon and Mars, she experienced spontaneous good luck. Like when she was challenged by Bob Hope on his television show to tell him what his golf score was that afternoon. Jeanne told him, and then revealed that his playing partner was President Eisenhower.

In her birthchart Neptune, the ESP planet, was opposition her Sun and semisquare her Moon mapping her psychic abilities and a tendency to make things up. The Sun was her second weakest planet and she suffered low self-esteem so in order to attract some attention Neptune decided to do something that was sure to grab the occasional sensational headline. Planets that aspect the Sun map skills and abilities that can boost the self-esteem and with Neptune opposition her Sun Dixon did have psychic skills, but the Sun wanted to be the most famous prophet of the 20th Century! Alas the Sun-Neptune opposition exaggerated her expectations and brought its share of criticism; and the bad aspects to the Sun in her 8th house often made her astral contacts quite unreliable.

Dixon was hurtled into the public lime-light when she (apparently) predicted the assass- ination of John F. Kennedy. On May 13, 1956 this prediction appeared in the newspaper supplement Parade: ‘As for the 1960 election Mrs Dixon thinks it will be dominated by labour and won by a Democrat. But he will be assassinated or die in office “though not necessarily in his first term.”‘ Seven and a half years later Kennedy was assassinated and someone remembered the (rather vague) prophecy.

It is claimed that Dixon also predicted F.D. Roosevelt’s four election victories; that China would become Communist; the death of Dag Hammarskjold in an air crash; the suicide of Marilyn Monroe and the great Alaskan earthquake. She also predicted that Communist China would plunge the world into war in 1958; that in 1966 Fidel Castro was either dead or living in China; that a comet would strike the earth and the US would elect its first woman President during the 1980s; and that on February 5, 1962 the anti-Christ was born. She predicted the contamination of Christianity by the ‘false oriental philosophy’ of this anti-Christ whose impact would be felt by 1991- 92.

Her future predictions include: war in 1998; a world holocaust in 1999; some kind of Divine intervention calling for humanity to unite under a single God in 2000; Chinese troops invading the Middle East in 2000; the Pope delegating his powers to his cardinals who then use them to replace him with another in 2000; and many more through to the year 2037 when invading ‘red’ Chinese forces final halt their advance on the Franco-German border.

Some commentators rave about Jeanne Dixon while others claim she was self-deluded (Neptune) and self-seeking. Her level of accuracy seems to be somewhat less than chance; but to her credit she did recognise her own infallibility which she put down to her faulty interpret- ations rather than the actual highly symbolic visions. It should be remembered that reason must be employed to interpret the reports of the psychic senses and with Mercury conjunct Saturn her conscious reasoning was naturally inclined to think the worst. Alas her appearances on radio and television gained her a tabloid reputation, but with Pluto, (the radio and TV planet), in the 1st house (her personality) and Mercury conjunct Saturn in her 9th house (radio and TV) she was only doing what her chart indicated she could. So, dear reader, based on the evidence you can draw your own conclusion as to whether Jeanne Dixon was a genuine or false prophet.

Mario de Sabato

Another person vying for the #1 spot on the Top Prophet of the 20th Century Chart is Mario de Sabato. Born in France he’s been called by the French press ‘the greatest prophet of the century – the Nostradamus of modern times’. His claimed hits include: the Arab- Israeli war and the end of the Greek Monarchy in 1967; the remarriage of Jackie Kennedy in 1968; Britain joining the EEC in 1974; the Ethiopian revolution in 1974; the fall of the Shah of Iran in 1979; the success of heart transplant surgery, and the advent of AIDS. His misses include: a cure for cancer in 1975; the two Germany’s would NOT unite; and an ‘oil-war’ in the Sahara.

His future predictions include: the end of a particularly dangerous international crisis with a near nuclear confrontation in Korea in 1996; the end of a five year ‘great crisis’ with China invading Europe in 1998; the harnessing of a new form of electromagnetic energy in 1999; major earthquakes damaging nuclear power stations in 1999; the revelation of an already present Messiah in 1999; an unarmed Chinese invasion of Europe and an armed Chinese invasion of Russia in 2000; and the Vatican will become the seat of a new commission for peace and evangelisation with a collegiate government replacing papal authority in 2000. Then in 2072, give or take a few years he and Arthur C. Clarke both predict that the earth’s climate will be controlled and winter will be abolished. It seems by then that the self-esteem level of the human race has sunk so low that it needs to alter the seasons to prove it is more intelligent than nature. And finally, although you won’t be here to confirm it, Sabato predicts that sometime between 2163 and 2191 a being from another, much more advanced, planet will arrive on earth; and this being is destined to transform human civilisation.

Aleister Crowley

In 1904 Aleister Crowley and a inner-plane entity called Aiwass wrote The Book of the Law and Crowley was heralded as the prophet of the new age. He was born on October 12, 1875 at Leamington Spa, England (1W40; 52N15) at 10.50pm LMT or 11.00pm LMT – he gave both times. His father was a religious fanatic and after reading the New Testament Aleister was convinced he was ‘the Beast whose number is 666’. He was into sex magic and the British press dubbed him ‘the Wickedest Man in the World’. He acquired alcohol and heroin addictions in his end days and died in 1947. Then, 20 years later, his image featured on the cover of the Beatle’s album – Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. His contribution to apocalypse culture is war throughout Europe in 1997.

Along with the new age prophets and their fabulous futuristic visions there are also the False Messiahs. With Christianity eagerly awaiting the Second Coming there has been no shortage of contenders claiming to be the Messiah. And some of these New Age Messiahs have caused nothing but diabolical destruction.

Jim Jones

Jim Jones for example mixed his claims with mass suicide and resurrection. He persuaded 913 members of the People’s Temple in Jonestown, Guyana to commit mass suicide by drinking Kool-Aid laced with cyanide. He was born May 13, 1931 in Lynn, IN (40N03; 84W56) at 10.00pm CST – from his birth certificate.

Charles Manson

Charles Manson (born November 12, 1934 in Cincinnati, OH – 39N06; 84W31 at 10.00pm – from his birth certificate) was convinced that western civilisation was about to be destroyed by some sort of Armageddon and became obsessed with hastening its arrival. He was a disciple of Scientology, Aleister Crowley’s Solar Lodge and the Apocalypse of St John. His grand vision was to provoke a race war by committing murders that would be blamed on the blacks. He beamed ‘hate vibes’ into the black ghetto of Watts. His apocalyptic catalyst took place on August 9, 1969, but his Armageddon failed to arrive when he and his band of murderers were arrested on October 15, 1969.

David Koresh

David Koresh was another False Messiah. He was born on August 17, 1959 in Houston TX (95W22; 29N48) at 8.49am CST – from his mother. He proclaimed himself leader of the Branch Davidian cult after the founder’s son dug up his mother’s body and declared that whoever could resurrect her from the dead was her successor. Koresh didn’t resurrect the dead body – he just had the son arrested and took control. Koresh believed that 1993 would herald the second coming of Christ and on February 28, 1993 a siege began at the Mount Carmel ranch at Waco Texas. Fifty-one days later Koresh gave the order to torch the buildings and he and 88 of his followers perished in the flames. Koresh was a religious fanatic and his followers believed he was Jesus Christ.

D. W. Sutton

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