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Fashion For Aquarius: An Astrological Guide to Style

Fashion For Aquarius: An Astrological Guide to Style

Fashion Tips for Aquarius

Have you ever wondered why you love certain patterns and prints? Do you ever think about where you get your eye for fashion? As a young woman, you probably thought you were influenced by your mother, or older sister. But, have you wondered if your Zodiac sign has something to do with your sense of style?

What if your fashion style was really determined by your Zodiac sign? Will that explain how you love certain colors and fabrics? Think about all the other Aquarians you know, do you notice similarities in your fashion style?

About Aquarius

aquariusPeople who fall under the Aquarius Zodiac sign are independent. They don’t like anyone telling them what to do, they rather find out how to do things on their own. They don’t like playing by the rules, and they live life on their own terms. They are determined and assertive. No one can stop them from achieving their goals.

Aquarians are known for being eccentric and open-minded. They promote social change and truly care about making a difference in the world.

Aquarians are not afraid to speak the truth. They are usually viewed as emotionless because they don’t react to certain situation as others would. They are strong willed and determined, which is often mistaken as stubborn. They are very eccentric and love to dance to their own tune.

Overall Fashion Sense of an Aquarius

Aquarians are normally trend-setters. They are always the first to sport a new style and not afraid to break any fashion rules. (Yes, they wear white after Labor Day and don’t care). Their fashion sense is ever-changing. They love light colors, but are not afraid to wear dark and bold colors with the right outfit. Their favorite colors are blue, turquoise and violet.

They also love bright colors, and red is one of their signature colors. You will never catch an Aquarius without a red dress, red pants, red shorts, a red skirt and even red shirts. They can change their look from bohemian chic to sophisticated and sassy in the blink of an eye. It’s very difficult to get a true sense of the Aquarius fashion style. She is so eccentric and ever-changing. One minute she will be rocking floral prints and the next she will rock out in a nice bold sexy dress.

Aquarians are not too fond of leather or fur. The only time they wear leather may be when they wear boots. However, they just don’t like the leather look and feel. They like to mix and match their fabrics, patterns and styles, and leather can make it quite difficult to do.

They love to keep mixing up their wardrobe and have everyone wondering what they are going to wear next. Whether it’s stripes, stars, hearts, or animal prints, Aquarians know how to make an outfit work. They are naturally born fashion “stars” and set the bar for how people should express their individuality through fashion.

Fashion for Every Day Aquarians

Aquarians love animal prints like the Leo, however, Aquarians are a little more subtle. You can usually spot an Aquarian wearing a tank or tee with a simple zebra stripe, or leopard prints. However, their animal print fabrics come with a twist.

Do you think their Zebra stripes will be black and white? Think again, it’s not surprising to see uncommon colored animal prints like pink, yellow, and green. As everyone knows, Aquarians like to be trend setters. You can define their style as artistic and chic.

Aquarians love to be comfortable. You can usually catch them wearing jean shorts, tank tops and open toe sandals. They love to wear sandals that are stylish, sleek and comfortable. They are also known for wearing cute wedges and stylish flats. They are very eccentric and are known for wearing clothes that are unique and different.

Fashion for a Night Out

Aquarians are independent and usually don’t like a lot of attention. They care more about social change than all eyes on them.

For Aquarian women, a long sleek dark colored sun-dress will suffice, pair that with comfortable sandals and a simple necklace, they are ready to hit the town running.

Accessories for Aquarius

For the Aquarian, accessories are not a must. However, when they do wear accessories, they make a statement. Aquarians love jewelry and accessories that inspire and deliver hope. You will usually see an Aquarian wearing earrings or necklaces sporting the infamous peace sign. Aquarians also love jewelry that have meaning or “special powers”. You will see them wearing turquoise, gemstones and crystals.

It’s all about color, color, color with the Aquarius woman. If she’s wearing a pink outfit, you can rest assured that she will be wearing matching color earrings, and shoes. She will even have a handbag with a touch of pink or it will be all pink too! She loves to accessorize and whatever jewelry piece she has it will have some type of color in it.

Bringing the Aquarians Zodiac Sign into Your Fashion

If you are an Aquarius, you know you have an eye for fashion. You’re not afraid to wear red shorts and a yellow shirt with blue sandals- somehow the way you put it together works! You know you are a trend-setter. What you wear today, millions of people will wear it tomorrow.

You don’t have one style, but a mixture of all different styles. One day you can sport a classic bohemian look, and then the next day you will sport a nice sophisticated and stylish look. The Aquarius woman will keep people guessing: What is she going to wear next?

While you can rock solid colors or animal prints, you love mix and matching clothes. Sometimes, you go as far as wearing horizontal stripes with animal prints. Only you can get away with that type of fashion style and make it work.

You know exactly how to make a statement and people always emulate your unique fashion style. You know exactly what you are doing. Don’t stop!

What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals About Your Fashion Sense

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