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Fashion For Capricorn: An Astrological Guide to Style

Fashion For Capricorn: An Astrological Guide to Style

Fashion Tips for Capricorn

Do you think your Zodiac sign determines your fashion style? If you take a look at celebrities who share your sign, you may notice certain similarities.

Is it a coincidence? Or is it your destiny to dress according to your sign? If you don’t know anything about fashion, or know that you need an image upgrade, why not let your Zodiac sign be your guide to becoming a sexy, sassy fashionista that knows how to make heads turn and eyes pop.

About Capricorn

capricornThe people who fall under the Capricorn sign are usually hard workers. They set goals achieve them, and let nothing stand in the way of their dreams. Capricorns are very enthusiastic and optimistic. They are naturally affectionate and empathetic. They are always lending a shoulder for their friends to cry on when they are in need.

They are known for being very practical, they are not risk takers. Instead of jumping in feet first, they analyze the risks and then make a decision based on the pros and cons. Capricorns are very difficult to read at times, because they are afraid to open up and express their emotions. Before a Capricorn tells you her deepest darkest secret, you have to really earn her trust. By being so closed, most Capricorns are insecure and are always looking for validation from people who they do get close to. They are vulnerable and sensitive. You have to watch how you word things with Capricorns; they may take it the wrong way.

Overall Fashion Sense of a Capricorn

The overall fashion sense of a Capricorn is stylish and sophisticated. Capricorns are usually mature and serious. It’s very common for them to sport blazers, jackets, and 3 part suits. When you see a Capricorn, you will probably think: sophisticated business woman. Capricorns give off a more serious vibe. They like dark colors like brown, navy blue, dark grey and black.

They love to be comfortable, and they usually choose comfort over style. Of course, the Capricorn has to have some red in her wardrobe. Shes not as sassy as other signs, so she probably won’t have a sexy red dress or a revealing blouse. Instead, she will have a dark colored dress or blouse with a hint of red.

To take it a step further, she may wear a red cami or tank top and then sport a nice dark blouse or blazer over it. So, the red will show and add color to her outfit.

Dark colors suit her best, and if she wants to add color to her outfit, it probably will be a touch of red in the form of an under garment, or a handbag.

Fashion for Every Day Capricorn

Due to the sophisticated nature of a Capricorn, they exude simple elegance. It’s very common to see a Capricorn in navy blue shorts or pants. Whether it’s a skirt, pants or shorts, you can always expect a Capricorn to complement their bottom piece with a nice blazer, or sports jacket.

They love to wear short and comfortable pumps, but they don’t mind wearing flats at all. They love simple patterns and horizontal and vertical lines. They’re most comfortable in a pair of form fitting black slacks and a nice blouse.

Fashion for a Night Out

The Capricorn may be sophisticated, but she knows how to be sexy for a night out. You can expect her to wear a sleek form fitting black or dark colored dress that shows just a little bit of skin but not too much. She probably will wear a sleeveless dress, but she will have a blazer or a jacket to cover her up just in case she gets uncomfortable.

She can even look stunning in a pair of trousers, a blouse and high heels, and of course she will have her trustworthy blazer or jacket to complement her outfit. She will accent her look with a simple clutch purse, and stud earrings.

Accessories for Capricorn

When it comes to accessories, Capricorn women love the retro look. Their jewelry pieces usually include opals, pearls and rubies. The Capricorn’s accessory style is very diverse. They are known for wearing dark colors, however, when it comes to their handbags they lighten up the room.

It’s not uncommon to see a Capricorn sporting an oversized red handbag, or a simple and sophisticated black purse.

They love earrings and necklaces, but it’s not your typical gold and silver. They love jewelry that accentuates their outfits. So, you will usually seeing a Capricorn wearing Jewelry the same color as their outfit. They are known for sporting black jewelry and red jewelry and jewelry with eccentric patterns.

Bringing the Capricorn Zodiac Sign into Your Fashion

As a Capricorn, your fashion style is sophisticated and mature. You are known for wearing dark colors and identified as a confident and assertive woman. You love being comfortable yet stylish.

To spruce up your wardrobe, it will be best if you let a little color in your life. Instead of adding a splash of color here and there, don’t be afraid to add a sexy red dress to your wardrobe. Or be brave and wear an all white pant suit accented with a dark blazer. This way the blazer can still complement your true Capricorn style.

You can still be sophisticated and sexy. While you don’t like to show skin, you can loosen up a little by showing a little bit of skin without being “trashy”. To show a little skin, you can wear open toed pumps, or wear a long skirt that has a nice split that shows off just enough leg to make people go ooh la la.

However, you still have to remain true to who you really are. You can still get away with wearing dark and bold colors, because you know how to add a splash of color to make your outfit look more fashionable. As a Capricorn you are the poster child for sophisticated and sexy.

What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals About Your Fashion Sense

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