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Fashion For Gemini: An Astrological Guide to Style

Fashion For Gemini: An Astrological Guide to Style

Fashion Tips for Gemini

Have you ever stopped to notice the connection between your Zodiac sign and your fashion style? Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to a certain piece of clothing and others completely turn you off?

From the moment you are born, you are drawn to a certain style. This is deeply connected to the stars and your sign.

So, Gemini, are you ready to learn about your sense of style and how it is related to the stars?

Read on to ensure you are maximizing your fashion sense.

About Gemini

geminiOne thing is certain about Gemini and that is they will never be a follower or be led by rules. They enjoy their independence and insist on having freedom. Whether in a relationship or through work, Gemini will not be tied down by anyone or anything.

Although Gemini are great friends, they do not like to feel needed. This feeling contributes to their feeling of being tied down. They are fun to be around and will typically leave an impression on anyone they meet.

Communication skills are an asset of Gemini. They are great at motivating others and can help friends through difficult times. They are extremely good at manipulation and persuasion to get what they want.

Gemini are reactors. They respond quickly to an emotion and can sometimes hurt other people’s feelings by their response. They are impulsive, which doesnt always suit them well.

Similar to their disposition, the fashion characteristics of a Gemini are fun, impressionable, and full of individuality.

Overall Fashion Sense of a Gemini

Walking into a closet of a Gemini can feel confusing to most. They have a wide variety of styles and to many it may seem very sporadic.

Gemini has an attraction for clothes that are fun, bold, and can be easily taken care of and washed. A fashion style of a Gemini can be described as eclectic, funky and eccentric. They love accessories, including jewelry and bags.

The sign of Gemini is The Twins, which also fits in well with their style. For many, they may think of a Gemini as having two personalities when it comes to their sense of fashion.

Favorite colors of Gemini include yellow, orange, and magenta and they are not afraid to show them off in their favorite outfit.

Although they can have a funky style, Gemini is always put together in their own way.

Gemini Fashion for Everyday

Everyday fashion for a Gemini is hard to pin down. They are attracted to so many unique and fun styles, that they have a difficult time narrowing their choices.

Typically, when a Gemini heads to a closet, they look for a balance between playful and casual.

A day look for a Gemini woman may consist of dark form fitting jeans and a peasant top in a bold color. To complete a day look, a Gemini will typically have a big bold watch on their wrist or several bangle bracelets.

No matter their age, Gemini want to have a youthful look and are attracted to styles that bring out their inner youth. Whether their shoes, clothes, or accessories, they enjoy making a statement.

Gemini Fashion for a Night Out

Gemini have a great time when they head out for a night out on the town. Their fun begins with their style for the night.

Woman Gemini enjoy wearing an Aline skirt paired with a bright and bold casual shirt. For a Gemini, the shoes make or break an outfit. They can show off their youthfulness through their trendy and fun shoes. Pair this outfit with a funky pair of flip flops or brightly colored jelly shoes and you are sure to leave an impression.

Accessories For Gemini

Accessories for a Gemini can make or break an outfit. They pay particular close to accessories and how they fit their mood and style.

Gemini loves to draw attention to their hands and arms. You will often find them with some form of accessory or decoration on their arms, fingers, or hands.

A Gemini loves jewelry. Men and women love rings and watches. Women like chunky bracelets and big rings. They also make a statement with their bags. Usually bags consist of fun fabrics and bright colors.

Although the accessories can be funky, they always tie in an outfit, either with colors or patterns.

Male Gemini also like to accessorize with bags. You will often find them with a briefcase by day and a man bag by night.

Bringing Your Gemini Zodiac Sign into Your Fashion

As a Gemini, your sign plays a huge impact on your fashion style. Whether you are aware of it or not, from an early age, your sign played a role in your taste.

Your interest in fun and funky styles can be related to your Gemini sign. You can often spot other Gemini by their style and your attraction to it.

Although styles for most signs change and develop over time, yours may change the most. You are often flitting and floating from one style to the next and enjoy changing it up. You don’t like to follow rules with your fashion and are more of a creator of style than a follower.

A word of caution: Because you don’t like to follow rules, you can end up in trouble. Keep in mind that there is a time and a place for every style and sometimes the rules need to be followed. Typically, when someone tries to enforce a rule, you become oppositional and break the rule for spite. Be cautious of this trait and weigh the risks and benefits of breaking those rules.

When it comes to style, as a Gemini, nobody is going to tell you how to dress. You are very in touch with your style and what appeals to you and what doesnt.

Your sign is strong, oh Gemini, and strong willed. Make sure you tame it when you need to and let it shine when the moments call.

Most importantly continue to have fun with your style and speak through your fashion.

What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals About Your Fashion Sense

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