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Fashion For Leo: An Astrological Guide to Style

Fashion For Leo: An Astrological Guide to Style

Fashion Tips for Leo

Have you ever paid attention to how your Zodiac sign affects what clothes you like or don’t like? Did you know that there is a connection between the two?

Style can change over time or become more developed, but the underlying style sense you possess is based on your sign and the stars.

Ever wonder why young children strongly like a certain outfit and dislike another one?

Sure fads and trends go in an out of style, so looking back you may think, “What was I thinking,” especially if you were around in the 80’s. However, for some whether they even like to be trendy or flashy depends on their sign.

As a Leo, you are no different. Your sign draws you to certain looks. Read on to find out how.

About Leo

leoLeo is a confident sign. They are independent and oozing confidence. However, they also like for others to let them know how great they are or pay attention to them at all costs.

Typically, a Leo has a group of people surrounding them most of the time. People enjoy their fun loving nature and warm personality.

A Leo makes a great friend! They help those that are feeling down and are wonderful at motivating others. They are realistic and are really difficult not to like. They forgive offenders easily and rarely hold a grudge.

Leo does like to have control. As long as they are in the driver’s seat, success finds them easily. They are driven and work hard to get where they want to go.

Routine and boring make a Leo frustrated. They like to change it up and try new things. They are usually happy and full of energy.

Leo likes to hear praise often and needs to feel needed with all friends. As long as they are appreciated and acknowledged by those close to them, Leo is happy.

The fashion style of a Leo, mirrors their personality.

Overall Fashion Sense of a Leo

Leo like to be noticed! In all aspects of their life, including fashion, getting noticed is their top priority. In doing so, they enjoy wearing animal prints, leather, faux fur, silk, sequins and any other items that draws attention.

It is unusual for a Leo to head out without some sort of designer label on their body. These labels are extremely important to a Leo.

They enjoy colors that are dramatic like red, gold, and black, and would never be caught wearing silver jewelry–only gold for a Leo, and only the best jewelry money can buy.

Leo is great at expressing their mood of the day through their fashion. They tend to dress in a style that represents their current feelings and emotions.

Fashion for Everyday

Leo often have a hard time taming it down during the day, after all, their symbol is a lion. However, with a little creativity, they can still show their wild side in their outfits.

Women can wear a silk or satin shirt, with an embellishment of sequins around the collar. This allows a Leo, to still have their sparkles, but not get thrown out of the office.

You can add a flare of personality into your accessories, such as a leopard print shoe for woman and a trendy diamond cut watch for a male.

Fashion for a Night Out

Nighttime is where Leo is most comfortable, especially when they are spending time out on the town. They love to dance and visit the trendiest clubs, but only with the perfect outfit. For a man or a woman Leo, their best accessory is their eye candy that is on their arm.

For Leo, the bolder and trendier the better. Women like to wear dresses and skirts, and usually some form of animal print will be in the outfit.

Men like to wear polo shirts and will pair it with the latest style in jean.

To complete an outfit, Leo likes to pay close attention to accessories. They love the attention, so the bolder and more flashy the better.

Accessories for Leo sign

Accessories are one of the most important parts of a Leo’s outfit. For women, they find the trends in shoes and buy several pairs of them at once. Leo loves to shop! However, they only buy the name brand in all shoes and accessories. They also like their heels and usually the higher the better.

Gold jewelry is the only way to go for a Leo. Whether they are wearing a necklace or a gold bracelet, it doesnt matter to a Leo. However, the gold is never fake and neither are the diamonds!

Bringing the Leo Zodiac Sign into Your Fashion

Whether it is the latest style in sunglasses or the newest shoes on the market, as a Leo, you like to stay on top of the styles. You enjoy making a statement and actually thrive by drawing attention to your style.

You are confident and have a great eye for fashion and what looks best for a night out. You enjoy to set trends and have people emulate your style.

Just a word of caution:

When others aren’t complementing you on your style, you may feel insecure or out of sync. Trust in your inner guidance when choosing your style and don’t read into the lack of complements. You are always rocking your style.

Also, make sure you know what outfit is appropriate for each situation. There are times that being decked out in animal print from head to toe is appropriate and times when it is not.

As a Leo, you enjoy pushing the envelope and creating styles that people will be talking about for days. You are always put together and have a strong sense of understanding what looks good on you and your body.

Continue with your passion for fashion and style and thank your sign for its keen sense of what you look best wearing!

Becoming familiar with your sign’s connection to your inner style, will help you become the best stylish you possible.

What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals About Your Fashion Sense

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