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Fashion For Pisces: An Astrological Guide to Style

Fashion For Pisces: An Astrological Guide to Style

Fashion Tips for Pisces

Are you ever curious about your sense of style? Do you wonder why you are naturally drawn to certain colors, patterns and designs? Did you ever think your Zodiac sign influences your fashion style?

When you go shopping do you ever think to look to the stars as your guides? Think about your personality traits and how they compare to your Zodiac sign. Doesnt it make sense that you will choose your fashion style because of your astrological sign?

About Pisces

piscesPeople who fall under the Pisces signs are hopeless romantics. They love love, and love falling in love. They are very helpful and supportive. When they have a friend in need, they usually stop what they are doing to run to their friends rescue.

Pisces are naturally sensitive and avoid confrontation at all costs. They are very compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others. That’s probably why many people say they make great lovers and companions. Pisces are known to be very mysterious and elusive.

They like to keep their friends and loved ones guessing about their next move. They are creative; they are usually musicians, writers, and artists. Pisces are very passionate and love to express their emotions to the people who matter most in their lives.

Overall Fashion Sense of a Pisces

It’s very common to see a Pisces woman dress in pastel colors. They love Sea green, lavender, pink, and pastel blues. They are romantics and their clothes show it. They like to wear soft, delicate, feminine styles.

When you think of Pisces fashion, think romantic and lovely. They wear close that are sexy but sophisticated. They wear a lot of dresses and skirts, and love to wear sexy open-toed heels.

While Pisces love to wear dresses and skirts, they still love the occasional pant suits and shorts. As long as the shorts and pants are colorful and stylish, the Pisces woman will wear them.

Fashion for Every Day Pisces

Pisces love romance. They love whimsical clothing and flirty pieces. When you think of a Pisces fashion style, think of flowers, hearts, and stars and lots of color. They love girly and flirty clothing that has major sex and sass appeal. No matter the season, you can spot Pisces women in sea-green or pastel colored dresses.

Pisces women love wearing open-toed heels with pants, shorts, and dresses. They love wearing free-flowing blouses and tunics that are less revealing, but still have lots of sex appeal.

Pisces is all about the water sign. When you think of water, what color do you think of? The primary color is blue and blue is a signature color for the Pisces woman. She loves blue everything. From earrings to purses, and even shoes, the color blue is a must for the Pisces woman.

Fashion for a Night Out

When a Pisces woman goes out for a night with her girls or her man, she will have all eyes on her. She loves to exude romance, and she looks absolutely magical in her fun and flirty dress. You will notice Pisces, because she will be the one who brightens up the room with her colorful dress. Her dress will be sexy, yet simple and comfortable.

She loves the color beige and will often complement her pastel dress with beige heels and a matching beige purse or handbag.

When the Pisces woman doesnt feel like wearing a dress, she will wear a pair of skin tight jeans with a nice design print tank top and a pair of sexy red or black pumps. She can look sexy and sleek without wearing a dress.

Accessories for Pisces

When it comes to accessories for the Pisces woman, the possibilities are endless. She usually loves silver, gold and diamonds. For an everyday look, she will probably wear dangling earrings, with just a touch of color or a lot of blue.

She loves bangles and bracelets and knows that less is more. That’s why you will probably catch her wearing a one-of a- kind bangle or cuff. When it comes to jewelry and accessories, the Pisces loves lots and lots of color. Think of the sea when you think of Pisces woman.

They love light and vibrant colors like orange, sea green, and blue. So, it’s common for them to seek out colorful jewelry like orange bangles, blue earrings, blue bracelets, as long as its colorful she will wear it!

Pisces women also love belts. They can take a belt and make it their most valuable accessory. The belt will look good over a shirt or can act as an accent to a solid color dress. When a Pisces woman gets a hold of a belt, there are so many things she can do! Having a belt or any other accessory is a must have for the Pisces woman.

Bringing the Pisces Zodiac Sign into Your Fashion

As a Pisces, use your imagination as your guide. When you see an outfit in your mind, you create it in real life. You love shoes, and you believe “the shoes make the outfit”. That’s why you take your time to pick the right shoes, and then choose the outfit. You have a feminine touch and know how to be fun, sexy, flirty and cute. You are not afraid to try different patterns and styles, but as long as they have color.

Your colors of choice are usually blue, sea green and hot pink. You are very versatile with your style. You can wear chandelier earrings, or hoops, you like different styles and dress according to your mood. You usually wear dresses or cool short suits. While pant suits are not your strongest suit, you still wear them.

But, to make a pant suit really work, you ditch the jacket and trade it in for a nice halter top or colorful blouse. You know how to be sexy without being trashy and you know how to work a room. That’s why everyone loves to see what you are wearing next.

What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals About Your Fashion Sense

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