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Fashion For Taurus: An Astrological Guide to Style

Fashion For Taurus: An Astrological Guide to Style

Fashion Tips for Taurus

Do you believe that you are born with a particular style? Do you believe that what you like or don’t like has something to do with your genes? What if your answers were actually pointed towards the stars?

Your own sense of style is absolutely something that is part of you, and for many, if they look to their Zodiac sign, they will see similarities between fashion and astrology. Understanding your sign and its relationship to your fashion style will help you determine whether or not what you wear is right for you.

Feeling skeptical?

If you are Taurus, read on and see for yourself.

About Taurus

taurusTaurus are independent, but not leaders. They are not followers either, but would prefer sticking with themselves or within a small group of friends. They are stubborn and persistent in nature, but get the job done right.

If you need someone to help with the particulars of a project, a Taurus is your sign. They pay attention to detail and are sometimes considered perfectionists.

These traits enable Taurus to be dependable and successful. They are good with business and finances. Taurus strives for success and reaching each goal they create.

A Taurus is also very sensitive. They take things to heart and will easily become offended. They like to have things be consistent and do not do well with change.

The sign of a Taurus is a bull, which fits the stubborn streak well. They can butt heads with those that don’t agree with them.

These characteristics and traits filter into the fashion sense of a Taurus.

Overall Fashion Sense of a Taurus

Taurus is all about the quality of the fabric and the classicness of the style. They enjoy high quality fabrics like velvet, corduroy, cashmere, silk and wool. Although they like quality clothing, they typically will never pay full prices. They are patient and will wait for a great sale.

Clothes are tailored and well fitting, and they always pay attention to the fine details. They enjoy wearing accessories to complete an outfit and in particular, pieces that draw attention to their neckline.

They are rarely seen in fads, but much prefer a traditional and classic fashion style. Because the personality of Taurus is down to earth, their fashion style is consistent with that personality trait. Since they do not like change, they are fairly consistent with their fashion and tend to avoid the latest trend. They are not a sign that enjoys bold colors, but would rather wear neutral or earth tones.

Taurus Fashion for Everyday

Taurus is rarely seen without a tailored, well fitted outfit, regardless of the time of day.

A typical day look might consist of a well fitting pair of jeans or khakis and a white or pastel button down shirt. Pair your outfit with a leather belt, a silk scarf or tie, and great pair of shoes.

Taurus like the texture of leather, so completing the outfit with a nice pair of leather boots, will never steer you wrong. Don’t forget about the matching bag or purse.

It is unusual for a Taurus to leave their home without being put together from head to toe.

Taurus Fashion for a Night Out

Although Taurus are not much of hanging out in big crowds, they do enjoy spending a night out with those that are close to their heart.

When they plan a night out, they make sure to look their best. From a well tailored suit to a high quality dress, Taurus know how to make a classic look appear outstanding.

Even though they are wearing outstanding outfits, keep in mind that the price for a Taurus outfit is usually right! Once in awhile they do splurge, but for the most part, they stick to a strict budget.

For a night out, Taurus women are often seen in a simple black or khaki skirt, paired with a light pink or blue ruffled blouse. The outfit is complete with a simple earring, such as a diamond or pearl stud and a delicate handbag. For a summer look, the shoes are usually an elegant sandal.

A male Taurus spending a night out on the town, will be wearing well tailored pants, a pastel button down shirt and won’t leave home without a flowered or paisley tie.

Accessories For Taurus Sign

Taurus love to accessorize their throat and neck. You will often see a Taurus wearing a scarf or necklace that accents this area of the body. Similar to the clothing, the accessories are high quality and classic in style.

It is not uncommon to see a Taurus wearing chains and chokers for accessories, and women typically go light on the earrings. Men rarely leave the house without a tie or collared shirt.

Bringing the Taurus Sign into Your Fashion

Regardless of whether you knew your sign helped with your fashion or not, now you are ready to make it work for you. Pay attention to your choices and how they connect to your Zodiac sign.

When you find an outfit based on a gut instinct, and with little thought or pressure, this is a sign that you are following your Taurus sign. Let the stars guide you to your style’s full potential. They will not steer you in the wrong direction.

Of course your style may change overtime as you mature and age, but the basic concepts and ideas will remain constant throughout.

Just a word of caution: As a Taurus, your taste is expensive. You don’t tend to spend your money frivolously, but do keep in mind that you like expensive items. You usually find the deals, but sometimes the item is too appealing to pass up. Make sure you keep on your budget, or allow your budget to have wiggle room for your lavish taste.

When it comes to your fashion taste as a Taurus, you have confidence in what you wear and you like to portray that confidence. Trust your inner guidance when picking out a new outfit, it will always allow you to put your best foot forward.

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