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Father’s Day Gifts by Zodiac Signs

Father's Day Gift Ideas by Sun SignWhat does dad really want for Father’s Day? Here’s what we heard… by the zodiac signs:

Aries – “A tie.”

Taurus – “Breakfast in bed – and I’m talking Eggs Benedict and Mimosas here.”

Gemini – “All-day Simpsons marathon on DVD.”

Cancer – “What do I want? I’m still thinking of something for my dad!”

Leo – “Hmmm… a day that’s all about me… could we make it a week?”

Virgo – “Something handmade from the kids would be nice – as long as they don’t make a big mess with the Elmer’s.”

Libra – “Does ‘spa day’ sound too gay?”

Scorpio – “Whatever you do, it better be good.”

Sagittarius – “In Mozambique they traditionally honor the patriarch with the gift of a new virgin concubine. But if you’d rather just go out for dinner, could we make it Thai?”

Capricorn – “Cash is acceptable.”

Aquarius – “Father’s Day was invented by greeting card companies so they can make more money chopping down trees. Just keep the kids out of my hair while I’m chanting.”

Pisces – “Group Hug!!!”

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