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How to Find Exact Latitude and Longitude for a Hospital

Did you ever want to find the exact latitude and longitude coordinates of the precise birthplace of an individual in order to do a horoscope? I’m not talking about the city or town, but the actual hospital (or home, for older births).

With built-in atlas calculation software in most astrology programs, one can get a latitude and longitude for just about any city or town, with infrequent options for a hospital (and even then, only for large cities). I have often felt this lack of exactitude with chart calculation software which is based on atlas texts. Hand-drawn charts relied on atlas-type texts for latitude and longitude and it seems that most chart calculation software uses the same resource. (I’m not an astrology software reviewer, though, so can’t speak for a lot of chart calculation software other than the one I use, Matrix WinStar Professional).

For a large city or town, the latitude and longitude minutes for a hospital may not be the same as those given in an atlas, since a town may span several minutes of a degree.

A tool,, allows users to interface with Google maps which are in turn merged with exact latitude and longitude coordinates for any point in the U.S. or Europe. Simply use the crosshairs on the map and the arrow devices to pinpoint a location and zoom in until you are directly over the hospital. You will need to double-click, not single-click, to get the cross-hairs to “stick.”

If you use the “hybrid” option, you will see both an aerial satellite view as well as the street names (and usually the hospital name). If you know where the delivery room is in the hospital, you could even pinpoint that wing of the hospital. In the upper left corner of the screen, you will get the exact GPS latitude and longitude printed as a decimal (which changes by millionths of a degree each time you move the location by even a few yards).

Caution: the blue latitude and longitude numbers are the degree but not the minutes and seconds of that degree. You will need to click on the blue latitude or longitude numbers to get the actual degree-minutes-seconds reading right below. Once you do that, they will also change as you move the crosshairs.

Right now, the service is free but the site owner says if usage ramps up a lot, he may have to start charging.

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