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Find Out What He’s Thinking by Zodiac Sign

Get inside his mind with help from the cosmos.

1. “Threesome?”
Well, that flickers through his mind every time he sees you and your attractive girlfriend chatting and laughing. You can’t blame him. He is the sign of the Ram after all …

2. “Should I refinance?”
He’s got money on his mind and he’s wondering if he has the best deal going. Maybe it’s his car loan, a credit card or a house payment — even the cell phone plan is up for reconsideration.

3. “Six Pack.”
Not the beer kind, he’s thinking abdominals. Maybe he’ll never see those puppies ripple like Matthew McConaughey, but he’s willing to give an extra effort to exercise anyway.

4. “Risk.”
Especially in matters of the heart. He needs the thrill of putting it all the line for the big win — love sweet love.

5. “When will I arrive?”
No matter where he is in life, he always is striving for more. That’s what you love about him.


1. “The boss.”
As in that’s what he needs to be. He’s looking at the position above him and preparing himself for the leap.

2. “Is she mine?”
He wants a woman who’s desirable. And when you have a woman like that, you’re always watching out to see who else is desiring her.

3. “More.”
He appreciates the fine things in life. In fact, he collects some of them. Maybe it’s cars, guitars, sports memorabilia or Japanese toys. Whatever it is, adding to the collection will be a lifelong quest.

4. “Avoid pain.”
Especially girl-grief. He wants someone who will be easygoing and build him up. And he’ll say anything to avoid getting in a potentially nasty argument.

5. “Get pleasure.”
Because he knows life is for the living. Sensual lovemaking, a gourmet meal, the homerun hit on the softball field — all of it is a full body-and-spirit experience.


1. “Where’s the funny?”
His sense of humor is stellar. He believes there is a potential laugh inside every situation, and part of him is always working on dislodging it.

2. “Work smart.”
Working hard, while it has its merits, is so last century. In the modern world, using your head is just as virtuous as sweating it out. When he starts thinking, everyone benefits.

3. “Dream girl.”
He has a fantasy of the perfect woman and he believes she’s out there. Sometimes he even finds her, puts her up on a pedestal, and later realizes that she’s human, thus flawed — which isn’t necessarily a deal breaker.

4. “What’s hot?”
He wants to know what other people are into. He won’t always follow the trend, but he definitely pays attention. And sometimes he takes his trend-tracking all the way to the bank.

5. “Why not?”
There doesn’t always have to be a good reason to embark on an adventure, project or relationship. Sometimes the fact that nothing is stopping him is enough motivation to dive in.


1. “What’s the time frame?”
Seconds are more precious than gold. He’s well aware the ticking clock and doesn’t want to waste his moments whether he’s at work, on a date, or relaxing at home.

2. “Feel it out.”
This makes him slow to commit if he’s unsure, and impulsive when he gets some kind of psychic confirmation.

3. “Mom.”
Sometimes it’s about being a good son. Other times he’s looking at the woman in his life (or about to be …) and wondering if she the potential mother of his children.

4. “Bring it on.”
He’s not playing for small stakes. He wants to win — and win big. So he goes up against the insurmountable challenges and often surprises himself at how much he can achieve.

5. “Hold me.”
He’ll never admit it. In fact, the sentiment, in theory, might creep him out. But underneath the tough exterior is a gentle soul who needs comfort and tenderness.


1. “Let’s play!”
Whether he’s on the basketball court, on a date, or making love — he brings whopping doses of imagination and fun.

2. “Who’s watching?”
He wants to be recognized when he does well at work, and that goes double when he’s playing. The bigger the audience, the better he’ll perform.

3. “Hot chicks.”
His fire sign energy is fed by the presence of lovely women, though when it comes down to it, inner beauty is what keeps his interest. Yes, really!

4. “Is this the real thing?”
Ruled by the heart, Leo has to feel the integrity of his dealings, especially relationships, at a deep level. He gives his all and wants to make sure the investment is safe.

5. “Love me.”
He simply can’t get enough displays of affection and assurance from friends and sweethearts alike.


thinking1. “Figure it out.”
Whether he’s tinkering on an appliance, trying to get to the last level of Guitar Hero or updating the technology he uses regularly, the guy has the patience to really get into things and learn them completely.

2. “Does she dig me?”
When it comes to winning the heart of his girl, he needs a sign that he’s on the right track — and then he needs another one, and another one. It’s not insecurity really, he just wants to hit a home run in love.

3. “Keep cool.”
It’s important to him that he contain his emotions. Though he feels things deeply, he strives to keep a level head, handling the good and bad parts of life with an even temperament.

4. “Stag night.”
Hanging out with his guy friends is an essential part of his routine. Whether it’s poker, softball or PlayStation, the camaraderie keeps him grounded.

5. “Extra credit.”
Good is not enough. It’s greatness he’s going for, and he’s willing to go the extra mile to get an A+ at work, at home and in bed.


1. “Lighten up.”
To him, seriousness is a deadly disease. When he senses that a situation has been infected with somber energy, he either brings some levity or avoids the whole scene altogether.

2. “Make it work.”
He’s a winner. And winners don’t pine after what they lack, they take what they have and make the best of it. He’s as resourceful as they come.

3. What’s it cost?”
He’s aware that everything is a trade off, and not always a financial one. In every endeavor he weighs the potential benefits carefully before investing any of his time, energy and emotion.

4. “Foxy.”
Attractive women capture his eye all the time. But it’s the sassy, clever, elusive beauties that have a chance at capturing his imagination.

5. “World domination.”
Through completely peaceful negotiations, of course! He’s the consummate diplomat and can charm his way into leadership of even the toughest of situations.


1. “Shhhh.”
He communicates on a need-to-know basis. He’ll never bore you with the details, and if you really want them, you just might have to pull them out of him.

2. “Try me.”
There’s a bit of a bad boy rebel thing going on with him. The chip on his shoulder may not be huge — it could even go undetected until he’s pushed. But the guy is not afraid to stand up for himself when it matters.

3. “Got game?”
He’s never lost that schoolboy longing to get outside and start up a killer game of tetherball. Except now the whole world is his playground and his games include such things as start-up businesses and international travel.

4. “Hello gorgeous.”
When he’s attracted to a woman, he considers it his job to initiate conversation, activity and ultimately a deep relationship with her.

5. “Try again.”
He sometimes gets knocked down, but he never stays down. The tenacious will prevail, and he does. With each attempt he gets stronger, smarter and more powerful.


1. “Sexy, can I …?”
There is no end to his libido and he will never be at a loss for new scenarios to explore with the woman who turns him on.

2. “What’s news?”
He stays informed about technology, politics, sports, music, culture and a wide array of other topics that spark his interest.

3. “Can I do better?”
An expert sizer-upper, he’s not about to settle for second rate. Whether it’s jobs, cars or relationship, he’ll get a wide sampling of what’s out there before he decides which option is the very best.

4. “Pick up the pace.”
It’s not that he’s in a hurry, but he’s constantly striving to be better, faster and more efficient.

5. “Big it up.”
His generous spirit just won’t let him play life at a low volume. Small gestures get small results. He’d rather make a grand gesture and risk failing on a large scale, or winning everything.


1. “Mmmmm … hungry.”
It’s not just his appetite for food, it’s his craving for sex, love, success and vivid, thrilling life that drives his inner tummy-rumble.

2. “I’m the man.”
He likes to accommodate the people in his life, from his boss to his mom to his date. He’s not willing to trade his masculinity in order to get the job done though. He’s the alpha male all the way.

3. “Dare me.”
All it takes is the slightest suggestion that he can’t do something and he’ll spring into action to accomplish it.

4. Where is this going?
He’s not one to wander aimlessly, and he believes surprise endings are for thriller movies. He likes the plot of his life to have a definite goal, and you can be he’ll stay on track.

5. Who’ll buy it?
He’s always dreaming up a pitch of some kind. With a twinkle in his eye he has the charm to sell whatever deal, joke or story he comes up with.


1. “Nice smile.”
Yes, really. He actually does notice those pearly whites before surveying everything between them and the floor. Kindness and a sense of humor are chief among the sexy qualities he’s looking for.

2. “Hey friend.”
He’s the first to reach out to others and his network is ever-expanding. He knows people from all walks of life and if he wanted to he could be accompanied at all times by a revolving entourage, he’s that popular.

3. “What’s next?”
Aquarius is the sign of tomorrow, so he’s always on to the latest technology, games and fun. He wants his female counterpart to be someone who is as excited about the future as he is.

4. “I got it.”
From picking up the check to creating his destiny, he’s in charge and confident about his choices. He decides for himself and sometimes he also decides for the woman in his life, who usually respond well to the machismo display.

5. “Right on!”
Enthusiasm runs in his blood. He goes for what he wants with mad-motivation. Even when he’s trying to play it cool, he’s energized.


1. “Sexual healing.”
For him, sex is more than a physical expression. It’s a union of spirits. His soulful lovemaking is good medicine.

2. “Race ya?”
The spirit of competition in his DNA and life is filled with make believe finish lines. It doesn’t matter whether he thinks he’ll win either. He’s got to try.

3. “Stop thinking.”
He realizes that the wisest decision making doesn’t always come from the intellect. There are some things he does just because every inch of him knows it’s right — no amount of weighing the pros and cons can replace his moral intuition.

4. “Hug it out.”
He’s more sensitive than he wants you to think he is. He hates to think someone is mad at him almost as much as he hates to be mad at someone else. Ultimately he’s a lover, not a fighter.

5. “I am.”
He knows himself. He’s independent. He won’t be overwhelmed by any other person in his life, especially not his significant other.

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