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The Element Of Fire

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

fireFire is the life giving force, and indicates energy, action, ardour and creativity. Fire is self expression and spirit. It represents ceaseless activity. It is not difficult to perceive fire as the element of passion, ardour and enthusiasm. Fire people tend to inspire others. Their self assertiveness makes them able leaders, for they strongly believe in themselves.

People with lots of Fire (6 or more counts) are inclined to invest all of themselves into their activities. They may have difficulty perceiving other people as separate individuals, with their own needs and desires. These people enjoy taking risks or rather it doesn’t occur to them that there is a risk. They don’t see themselves as courageous because they are not aware that there is anything to be afraid of. They are motivated by the idea of being actively involved in something and retaining a feeling of being alive.

Fire is the element of spirit, warmth and life and those with fire predominating in their charts are famous for their powerful imagination and their zest for living. When it comes to the emotional realm, they are adventurous, dramatic and flamboyant, and lavish gestures and grand passions are their stock in trade. But they can have problems concentrating on the here and now, as the future, not the present or the past, is what concerns them. And, because their imagination is so vivid, they can find it hard to tell the difference between dreams and fantasies and their real feelings- or to settle down to what they see as dull routine.

People with little Fire (0 or 1 counts) alternate between with-holding themselves and expressing themselves in an overly dramatic manner. They may look to others for inspiration and motivation. They may become mired in a hectic schedule of impersonal activities or may, in contrast, become overly preoccupied with their own personal experience. They often feel passive and detached or uninvolved; they seek deeper personal and emotional involvement in life.


Adventurous, Aggressive
Ardent, Blunt
Chauvinistic, Consuming
Creative, Depressed
Domineering, Easily excited
Egotistical, Energetic
Enthusiastic, Excitable
Forthright, Honest
Hot tempered, Idealistic
Impatient, Impulsive
Independent, Inspirational
Keen, Magnetic
Offensive, Optimistic
Outgoing, Pessimistic
Self Confident, Self Motivated
Spontaneous, Stimulating
Subjective, Thoughtless
Unexcitable, Uninvolved
Unmotivated, Uncomplicated

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