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Fitness Workout Routines By Zodiac Sign

Fitness Workout Routines By Zodiac Sign

Enjoying exercise is a major factor in maintaining a fitness workout routine. Different forms of exercise suit different personalities and understanding their underlying motivation is helpful in deciding which to choose. It can be helpful to learn a few exercise ideas for the zodiac signs – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Fire signs have natural energy and enthusiasm which, if harnessed wisely, can promote a productive relationship with exercise. However they must appreciate the need for a regular and to some degree structured approach to obtain lasting benefits.

The earth signs of Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo are generally well structured in their approach to fitness. However, the ordered approach of Virgo may not suit sensual Taurus, while Capricorn must find time in their busy schedule for exercise.

The air signs like freedom and variety. Luckily they have classically high metabolic rates that can keep the pounds away but slim doesn’t always mean fit. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius should take time to appreciate the body as well as the mind needs nurturing.

The water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces have different approaches to fitness. The sensitive Piscean could find the intensity of a Scorpio regime unsettling, while Cancer seeks a sense of security in their surroundings. Understanding the subtleties of each sign will enable an appropriate fitness regime to be chosen, resulting in long term benefits.

Find out some exercise ideas suited to the Zodiac Signs:


Fitness Workout For Aries

ariesAries is fueled by energy and enthusiasm and attacks the world at full throttle. There’s so much to do and so little time for the ram of the zodiac so patience is not high on the agenda. All character traits have pros and cons and this is no exception.

A never ending zest for life is well suited for team sports and endurance based exercise. Football, paragliding and weight training fit nicely into the Aries temperament. In fact, any strenuous activity can have a calming effect on Aries as great exertion relaxes this cardinal fire sign.

The downside of the Aries vitality is the occasional inability to listen to their body. They push and push, demanding ever more from themselves. The typical Aries will need to learn about the need for rest and recovery if they are to get the best from a fitness regime.

Fitness Workout For Taurus

taurusThe typical Taurus will relish sensuality and consequently, this sign enjoys the fine things in life. This can lead to a sedentary lifestyle if they do not use this sense appreciation to trigger some physical activity. Perhaps more than most, they really do need to enjoy what they are undertaking.

Taurus should try a number of different activities to find which appeals most. Cycling in the countryside rather than on a static gym bike or swimming in the sea rather than mundane lengths of an indoor pool could be ways of combining exercise with their heightened senses.

Concentration comes easily to Taurus so, allied to good hand-eye coordination, golf or badminton may be options to consider.

Fitness Workout For Gemini

geminiThe butterfly of the zodiac, Gemini is usually keen to skip to the next activity. However, this can have advantages and disadvantages. Versatility is a great for keeping boredom at bay, but this can mean that no exercise routine or programme is ever thoroughly completed. Gemini must look for results before deciding that an alternative appears more attractive.

Agility comes naturally to most Geminis, so gymnastics is an obvious option to consider along with dance and general aerobic classes. The meditative qualities of yoga can be lost on some, as most people born under this sign are more apt to enjoy quick, active pastimes.

Fitness Workout For Cancer

cancerThe security and comfort of home are reassuring to Cancer. Familiar surroundings relax and refresh this sign of the zodiac, so if funds permit, a home gym could be ideal. Fitting comfortably into the daily routine, an exercise option under their roof could be an attractive idea.

Even if costs prohibit such extravagance, a regular home work out may be appealing. A skipping rope, basic treadmill and weights can give Cancer the perfect fitness and family combination.

Cancerians are known for their love of water, so a swim in the sea for those on the coast or some lengths in the pool can suit admirably. Those of a more adventurous hue could consider scuba diving, water skiing or even snorkeling as enjoyable alternatives.

Fitness Workout For Leo

leoSolitary exercise pursuits are not suited to outgoing Leo. The buzz of a busy gym or friendly banter with a personal trainer could be ideal. As Leo is ruled by the sun winter sports may need a wide berth, try horse riding with a group of friends or army fitness in a local park.

As with many fire signs, routine does not sit kindly with most Leos and enthusiasm can diminish if they feel trapped in an exercise rut. This is where sociability becomes important to the lion’ being part of a team or sharing an activity with friends can lead to a commitment to a regular and ultimately rewarding regime.

Fitness Workout For Virgo

virgoAs the analyst of the zodiac, fun needs to have a purpose for Virgo. Although setting a fitness goal and implementing a plan will come naturally to this taskmaster, the difficulty may arise in warding off the compulsive side of this sign’s nature. Prone to search for perfection, over training and not meeting their own, sometimes improbably high, standards can be a potential drawback.

Built for endurance, long distance running or skiing could suit the average Virgo and even the rigors of a triathlon will compliment the perfectionist, achievement-orientated side of their character.

Fitness Workout For Libra

libraLibra are aesthetes by nature so tend to take great pride in their appearance. Baggy tracksuits and ill-fitting T-shirts are not for them. They will look to exercise in beautiful surroundings, whether that be stunning scenery or a state of the art gym.

Companionship is also important to Libra so tennis doubles or being part of a sailing crew could both appeal to their sociable personality. Poise and co-ordination sit comfortably with Libra so activities such as golf or dancing could well prove very attractive.

What Libra should always seek is a comfortable balance between exercise and geniality as they don’t have to forfeit one for the other.

Fitness Workout For Scorpio

scorpioIntense and potentially obsessive, fitness for a Scorpio can be a serious matter. They are liable to compete with themselves and seeking the ever changing personal best drives them forward. Weight training and distance running may provide the rigorous solitude they desire. Martial arts may be an option to consider as they give purpose and opportunities for graded advance.

A form of exercise to relieve stress can ease Scorpio’s furrowed brow. Bikram Yoga, also known as hot yoga, could be considered as it combines meditative qualities with a relatively intense physical experience.

Fitness Workout For Sagittarius

sagittariusAlways full of confidence, Sagittarius is never afraid to try something new. Born with the travel bug, outdoor pursuits such as rock climbing, canoeing or hiking could satisfy their wanderlust nicely. Often blessed with a natural athleticism, the difficulty may arise in settling for and not constantly changing an activity.

Variety is never to discouraged but the centaur must discover a way to combine restless energy with structure to get the best out of exercise. They must strive to set aside time and discipline themselves to follow through with a regime they have undertaken.

Fitness Workout For Capricorn

capricornHard working and ambitious, Capricorn needs to find room for exercise in their busy schedule. Long hours can sometimes leave little time for what some goats see as the frivolity of exercise. Try a sport with a relaxing rhythm where pace and style are in their hands, golf and cross country running may be options to consider.

An adventurous Capricorn could take to the discipline of rock climbing and a controlled weight training programme may help alleviate the joint stiffness that’s said to be common among individuals born under this sign.

Very competitive by nature, they must try not to become down-hearted if initial fitness expectations are not met. In other areas of life, Capricorn is aware of the long road to achievement and they should mirror this attitude in their quest for fitness.

Fitness Workout For Aquarius

aquariusAquarius is basically cerebral rather than physical so if the mind enjoys the body may well follow. Routine is the enemy of the water carrier so variety in exercise is a priority. The loneliness of the long distance runner is very apt for Aquarius.

A class taking an exotic martial art could be fine or employing a personal trainer who constantly innovates and initiates can feed the Aquarian mind and body.

Perseverance may be the Achilles heel for Aquarius, finding a fitness regime that can build slowly and successfully requires some degree of predictable behaviour. Predictability and Aquarius are not usually comfortable bedfellows, but the mind must understand the needs of the body to produce lasting results.

Fitness Workout For Pisces

piscesThe imaginative, dreamy Pisces classically prefers to live in the head rather than toil in the body but exercise can still play an important part in their welfare. They yearn to feel and look good so ideally there should be a goal to aim for in their regime. Exercise just for the sake of it is not for them.

They love to dance and appreciate the joys of rhythm so music aerobics could be ideal. As with other signs of their element, Pisces can be drawn to water, so investigate rowing or canoeing as potential pastimes.

Pisces can be extremely sensitive so before taking to the public stage, it may be advisable to test or take lessons in private to avoid any potential embarrassment. Some Pisces lack confidence and a fear of public ridicule may prevent them from trying a new experience.



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