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Flirting With a Pisces Guy

Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces all about love and romance. Sweet and tender, emotional and moody describe the Water boys.

If you want to flirt with a Water guy you must understand his sensitive side, the depth of his feelings and his emotional needs. Good luck, not even a Water sign understand these things!

How to Flirt With a Pisces

Flirting With a Pisces GuyMeet Mr. Seducer. The dreamy Fish belongs in a romance novel and is truly a fish out of water in the real world. Just when you think you are flirting with a Pisces, he slips away to the next seduction.

He’s not a tease or a cheat, just an odd character that loves a fantasy and never stops looking for one. Pisces love mysterious women and inexplicable passions. They love the unknown and unknowable. Flirting with the Fish requires a seductive appearance and attitude.

Don’t be loud, silly, chatty or obvious. Pisces are deep and puzzling. Move in the shadows and stare right through him. Be totally confident in your sexuality and blatantly sensual. Don’t fear giving him the once over and then walking away. Don’t fear approaching him and asking him his name and then leaving the conversation to hang in silence.

Be a contradiction. Be coy and then brazen. Withdraw into the corner and then plant a kiss on a friend’s cheek. Flirting with a Pisces is a lot like a dance in some sizzling old Hollywood movie.

Don’t forget that the guy is filled with emotions. Don’t hurt his feelings or wound his ego. Let love and romance be the potion that brings him to his knees. You are not dealing with a logical mind but a beating heart.

Pisces rules the feet and the immune system. He is about growth, development, protection and death. Pisces is concerned with the evolution of the soul and has little connection to reality.

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