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Flirting With Aries

Fire signs are powerful, illuminating and dynamic. Don’t be shy or introverted when flirting with an Fire guy. And don’t sit on your laurels and observe.

Fires are action oriented and want a woman that is part of the adventure. Want a Fire guy? Just go right out and get him if you are really his type of girl.

How to Flirt With an Aries

The Aries Flirting StyleForceful, confrontational and no BS, don’t play games when flirting with an Aries unless it’s the competitive kind. Teasing this one will not work. Neither will weak, shy or indecisive. Whatever you do, don’t be an easy catch. Aries is the hunter that doesn’t go after weak prey.

This guy prefers arm wrestling over arm candy. The ultimate warrior, he wants a worthy opponent. Better have your self-confidence fully defined. Take the “take him or leave him” attitude and mean it because the self-confident Ram loves a challenge and the conquest.

His fire energy prefers a good sparring over a sweet disposition. Where is the fun in nicey-nice an Aries asks. If you can fight with a good hearted laugh, you are flirting Aries style. Compete and you will not only get his attention, you will win his heart. Whether it’s a game of chess or a 10K run, you are in Aries territory. Hey, the guy wants an equal partner. You can’t fault him for that if you can just keep up.

Aries rules the head so don’t missing making eye contact with him. Let him notice you checking out his hair or facial features. Major turn on. If you notice him touching his face or hair or tilting his head, you have him in the palm of your hand. Now confidentially walk away and watch will follow.

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