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Flirting With Cancer

Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces all about love and romance. Sweet and tender, emotional and moody describe the Water boys.

If you want to flirt with a Water guy you must understand his sensitive side, the depth of his feelings and his emotional needs. Good luck, not even a Water sign understand these things!

How to Flirt With a Cancer

Flirting With CancerFlirting with a Cancer can be a little difficult as he is more likely sitting at home or hanging out with family or friends. The Crab loves the security of his shell and is often too shy to join the fun.

To flirt with his guy, you need to coax him out in the open. You must be willing to join a Cancer’s inner circle. Once you are part of the tribe, your goal is to become a trusted friend. Flirting will come easily and naturally when his guard is down and he can relax. It’s not that these guys are wimps, not in the least. In fact, they have a mean set of pinchers and aren’t afraid to use them. But with Cancer, it’s all about feelings, emotions and comfort.

Crowds overwhelm sweet Crabs so steal him away to a quiet corner and watch him loosen up. Keep the conversation light and friendly and focus on feelings rather than events or material concerns. Be careful not to invade a Cancer’s space or they will retreat. Watch his body language. Cancers are quite passionate when they feel safe so take your time. Let him make the first move.

Win him over with conversations about home, cooking, art and dreams. Cancers are great listeners but you will know your verbal flirtation is working when he starts to open up and share his secret world.

Cancer rules the chest, stomach, digestive system and pancreas. They love their comfort food and sweets. Win him over with a great home cooked meal and dessert and he will never leave you.

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