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Flirting With Gemini

Air signs are flirty and fun but unfortunately with everyone.

True people persons, they love meeting, engaging and most of all communicating. They are happiest when in the company of many so be willing to share. Flirt with your words if you want this guy. Keep him your BFF and you really can keep him forever.

How to Flirt With a Gemini

Flirting With GeminiLet the flirting begin. No one loves to flirt as much as a Gemini. He does like to have fun in the game of seduction. With a Gemini use your imagination. He loves variety so mix things up. No need to be subtle with a Gemini. He is too playful to take it seriously so enjoy yourself and so will he.

The Twins may seem like two different people at times because he is. He can be quite lustful and naughty then light spirited and funny. If you can keep up and never let him get bored, you may just win his heart. They love a good mystery so be one that he can never quite figure out. You will delight him.

Geminis love to talk so don’t be shy or stupid. They are intelligent and quick witted. Keep up on current events and engage him in a good hearted debate. Don’t just bat your eyes at a Gemini; tell him he has a cute butt or sexy biceps. Verbal seduction is important to his guy. Tease him with a sexy email.

The Twins often float from person to person so don’t get possessive or jealous. If you really want a Gemini, plan on being opened minded or kiss him good-bye. Best be flexible and experimental or he will find someone who is.

Gemini rules the hands, fingers, arms, shoulders, lungs and nervous system. He loves a temptress in an off-shoulder sweater. With a Gemini, don’t keep your hands to yourself!

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