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Flirting With Sagittarius

Fire signs are powerful, illuminating and dynamic. Don’t be shy or introverted when flirting with an Fire guy. And don’t sit on your laurels and observe.

Fires are action oriented and want a woman that is part of the adventure. Want a Fire guy? Just go right out and get him if you are really his type of girl.

How to Flirt With a Sagittarius

Flirting With SagittariusTo flirt with a Sagittarius guy, you have to get his attention and that’s a tough thing to do. Sags are carefree and adventurous. He likes happy and active women who aren’t afraid to break the rules.

Best have an interesting life if you want to win over this guy. In fact, that is flirtation to a Sagittarius. If you are laughing, engaging and having a high time, you will have his attention.

Flirt out loud with a Sagittarius. Don’t be shy, no need to hold back or be coy. Just walk right up to him and ask for his number. Be confident and bold. Sags love attention and excitement. If you catch him off guard, good; laugh and switch topics or go talk to loudness person in the room. But don’t ignore him; he’ll love your boldness. Be sure to let him flirt back; he is a natural and it’s half the love of the game.

Sags are bigger than life so don’t be all serious and boring. Be mysterious, fun but mysterious. The Archer gets bored easily and is quick to move on to the next adventure. Beat him to the punch by being the next adventure. Life is one big happy party to this guy. If you are looking for fun, you found him. Be a good sport and up for whatever comes next. Planning is oh so not for this guy.

Sagittarius rules the liver, hips, thighs and pelvis. Sit right down next to him and give him a friendly slap on those rock climber thighs.

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