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Flirting With Taurus

Earth signs are a grounded bunch and one you can rely on. Materialist and true nature lovers, an Earth guy is not overly exciting but he will be there when you need him.

Earth signs don’t like to share so if you have your heart set on one of these guys, you better become a one man woman quick.

How to Flirt With a Taurus

Flirting With TaurusThe stubborn-ass Bull is hard to figure out when it comes to mating rituals. You have my sympathy if you are planning to flirt with this one. He seems so into you and then you wonder if he even remembers your name. Trust me, he knows it.

Is he just a jerk? Well not really. Taurus is sweet, centered and good hearted. He is just challenged in showing these qualities to a potential partner. With the Bull, you are either all his or he will be looking elsewhere. Taurus won’t compete for your love. He needs to know you are his and only his, which flies in the face of the art of seduction.

Just a warning, if he sees you flirting with anyone else ever, chances are you will lose him for good. Taurus is a jealous lover even at a first meeting.

By far the most materialist of the Earth signs, Taurus is wooed with riches and possessions. Be impressed by his car, home, clothes and all his other stuff. But don’t even think of being gold digger. Taurus is willing to share only if you can share right back. Not one to troll the gutters, he is not interested in starving artists or those that can’t manage their money. Take it clear that your affairs are in order.

Taurus rules the neck, throat, chin, ears and tongue. Touch the back of this neck or wipe an imaginary something off his chin and watch him shiver. Be prepared for some very yummy French kisses.

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