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Flirting With Virgo

Earth signs are a grounded bunch and one you can rely on. Materialist and true nature lovers, an Earth guy is not overly exciting but he will be there when you need him.

Earth signs don’t like to share so if you have your heart set on one of these guys, you better become a one man woman quick.

How to Flirt With a Virgo

Flirting With VirgoYou want to flirt with the introverted critic? Good luck. Actually Virgos love deeply but not quickly and they don’t like to be pushed or rushed. Give him time to get to know you. Virgos like to make the first move, which is usually just a little eye contact, followed by pretending you don’t exist, followed by more eye contact.

Subtly is key as he observes and makes up his mind about you. Virgos have a pretty healthy ego and are usually up for a challenge so enjoy yourself while letting him check you out. Just don’t hook up with someone as he has no interest in someone that appears committed to another. He will not waste his time being jealous.

Eye contact is enough to get his attention; just don’t stare. Hang out a little in his personal space but don’t barge in and take it over. He will likely walk away and not come back. Don’t be presumptuous with a Virgo. The Virgin is discerning. His guard will usually be up but some friendly small talk can bring it down a tad. Whatever you do though, don’t touch this very selective sign until he touches first.

Virgos are hygiene freaks so watch your manners. Don’t double dip that chip, scratch your dandruff (don’t have any!) or pick anything. Keep it clean and even a little fussy.

Virgo rules the sympathetic nervous system and the lower digestive tract. His auto-pilot mindset and gut instinct rule his world. Follow Virgo’s lead and you won’t go wrong.

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