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The Astrology Of Food Disorders And Allergies

Here’s a real case study: My 2 1/2 years old daughter. She has an unusual food disorder.

Since a baby, she has been allergic to fish and sea food.

Her body would just not take it and she would throw it up continuously hours later.


foodMy little girl has always been very fussy with food and she is also thin, too thin really. While some mothers worry about their children being obese, I am worried my daughter will look like a skeleton. I have tried everything to get her to eat, but she’s a very stubborn toddler. It seems that the more we try, the less she wants to eat.


Ceres, the largest of the four major asteroids is said to be one of the factors related to food disorders, particularly if it is prominent in someone’s chart.

In my daughter’s chart, Ceres is in a very prominent position: It is conjunct within 3 degrees of her Scorpio ascendant. I have personally noticed a number of people with Ceres conjunct to their rising signs as having a specific allergy, i.e. allergy to gluten, nuts, etc.

My daughter’s birthchart


The ruling planet of her ascendant Pluto is placed in the 2nd house (a sector related to food, more in terms of quantity rather than quality). To me, the position of Pluto in this particular house means either eating large quantity of food and then rejecting it all, or not eating at all. At the moment, she only eats very small amount of food, or sometimes she won’t eat anything at all (and that’s Pluto).

Ceres is placed in the 12th house, a sector related to hidden matters (this may also mean that later she may be caring for other people’s needs), and in the secretive and obsessive sign of Scorpio. Bulimia (Ceres-Jupiter) and anorexia (Ceres-Saturn) are both rather ‘secret and hidden’ diseases.

Ceres is also trine to Saturn in the 9th house (foreign countries, travel abroad), square to Neptune and Mars in the 3rd house of communication (her Mars is conjunct to Uranus in Pisces, suggesting abrupt/rebellious ways of communicating!). In other words, this means that too much instability and confusion may upset her and disturb her eating habits. Ceres is also standing right opposite Venus sextile to Saturn, this too may point to food complexes.

She is also a Taurus, and Taurus is a sign connected with food. Many Taureans or people with a stellium of planets in this sign are food lovers and are able to eat great quantities of food. Her Sun is conjunct to Venus and both placed in the 6th house of health, so there is a particular focus on food, diet and nutrition with the 6th house – a Virgo house.

Her Sun in Taurus in the 6th is also square to her Moon in Aquarius in the 3rd, an indication that she may perceive her parents as being very different. Her father (my Gemini husband) is more like a Taurean in character (Sun in Taurus): slow in action, down-to-earth, likes money, security and long-term relationships, whereas I, the mother, am more like an Aquarian (Moon in Aquarius): speedy, unconventional, an astrologer…

Whatever happens with food, I am going to monitor her closely… and if astrology can be of great help in detecting early food disorders and allergies, then this ancient art is on the way of becoming indispensable.

Claire Courts

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