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The Four Turning Points Of A Phase And The Forecasting Graph

We have all experienced significant Turning Points in our lives, when our orientation changed irrevocably, when ‘things would never be the same again’.

In the section above we were introduced to the idea that there is a universal pattern of growth and change that exists for every human being, and that this pattern consists of a 7 year cycle of growth with 12 distinct and predictable phases of growth that are each 7 months in length.

Also, we were introduced to the idea that these phases of growth have very particular archetypal ‘themes’ associated with them that color the types of experiences we have and the issues with which we must deal.

Now growth and change do not occur as a continuous, smooth process. It occurs as periods of time that are more intense and event filled than others. I refer to these periods as Turning Point Periods.

Turning Points are particular periods of time when a reorientation occurs in your life, sometimes subtle, sometimes quite obvious.

The periods just prior to and after the Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn Phases are especially significant, as well as the periods after the midpoints of the Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius Phases.

Almost all significant turning points in persons lives occur around these periods of time. You experience all Turning Points as a process, when ‘things’ in your life ‘come to a head’, or when issues you have been dealing with intensify and may resolve themselves.

These Turning Points occur at very specific times during the seven year cycle and during each phase. Each 7 month phase of growth is marked by 4 of these Turning Points.

Before we discuss Turning Points in more depth I must introduce you to the Turning Point Forecasting Graph. The graph is a way to forecast the Turning Point Periods during a phase. The graph has the dates for the Turning Point periods listed along the x axis and on the y axis is a measure of the degree of potential intensity of any specific day. As you can see, the Turning Points of a phase occur at the beginning of the phase, at the first quarter point of the phase, the midpoint of the phase, and at the 3rd quarter point of the phase.


Beginning of the phase: The Turning Point that occurs as you enter a new phase will entail a resolution of any residual issues hanging on from the previous phase, as well as the beginning of the issues that will be involved with the lesson of the new phase. This Turning Point can be quite dramatic and observable in your life. The most significant, as stated above, occur at the beginning of the Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn Phases.

First quarter point: The Turning Point that occurs one quarter of the way through a phase is associated with the first mini-crisis of the new phase, and gives significant clues as to the issues that will come to a head as you approach and pass the midpoint of the phase. This Turning Point confronts you with the intuitive or semi-conscious knowledge of what needs to change in your life during this phase.

Midpoint of the phase: The essential issues of the phase begin to manifest strongly at this Turning Point with the period between the midpoint and the third quarter point being the period of greatest struggle with the lesson and issues of the phase. The most significant and intense occur at the midpoint of the Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius Phases.

Third quarter point: This is essentially the Turning Point in which the lesson begins to get learned, or the issues of the phase begin to be resolved, either at this Turning Point or shortly thereafter. It is the Turning Point for beginning to sense a new found commitment to dealing with the issues that arose during the phase.

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