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Does Freelancing Suit Your Zodiac Sign?

Some Sun signs are corporate-minded, while others positively flourish when left to their own devices. In days when freelancing is sometimes the only option, here are a few ways around any reluctance in giving it a shot.

The Cardinal Signs

The Cardinal Signs are the self motivators, with heads brimful of ideas, good for new start-ups:

Aries doesn’t operate well in isolation. They need the challenge of a workmate, so find a business where there’s a partner or a friendly competitor on the other end of the phone or email.

Cancer is a people person, though very home-centric, so a freelance business requiring public relations expertise and meeting people on a regular basis will be ideal for them.

Libra is design-conscious, so they are able to go freelance well, but they need constant interaction with clients and the general public. They are expert salespersons, with a smooth word for any situation.

Capricorn is designed for a hierarchical office situation since they like to climb the ladder. They’ll freelance best as part of a franchise operation when they can test themselves against others.

The Fixed Signs

freelancing-zodiac-signsThe Fixed Signs are not happiest when they have to continually dream up new ideas, so they do best in home jobs that rely on steadiness rather than inventiveness:

Taurus adores being at home but motivation may be a problem. They’re design-conscious and good with people, so a business with a solid clientele will keep them on schedule.

Leo is not well adapted to a home business since they need personal contact and approval. They are good salespeople, however, and good at jobs where they can perform.

Scorpios are great researchers and investigators, and working alone doesn’t feel lonely at all. They’re good at handling confidential information but will need some interaction to really feel good.

Aquarius is the ultimate independent networker, and they flourish when given their own niche. That said, they’ll need plenty of work mates to connect with across cyberspace or cell phone.

The Mutable Signs

The Mutable Signs are adaptable, and so prefer having others set the agenda:

Gemini is a people person and would explode if left to a full day without a chat. A freelance home business definitely needs a heavy talk input, and preferably some traveling involved.

Virgo is custom built for the freelance world, being a workaholic and conscientious, so always delivering even if it means weekend labour. They can get too self contained, so interaction is important.

Sagittarius likes to roam and is extremely enthusiastic. A traveling sales job would serve them well. A stay-at-home job would eventually seem dull. The Archer needs variety as well as adventure.

Pisces is not always motivated and could easily get distracted if left to their own devices. They’ll need a prompter on the end of the phone/email to keep them on schedule. That said, they are creative, so freelance does actually suit them.

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