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Gemini In The 1st House

Gemini in the 1st house – Gemini on the cusp of the first house

You identify yourself through your ideas, thoughts, knowledge, information and your communications and expressions of them. You may also identify yourself through your physical agility. Your mind and your mental abilities and “being in the know” are central to your self-identity.

You also want to be seen as someone who is intelligent and intellectual, and more you believe you are in the know, the more comfortable and confident you are in your self-image. You may also be very committed to sustaining your youth, and you may attempt to extend your youthful exuberance through childish and immature thinking, behavior, or appearance.

The responsibility of Gemini on the cusp of the first house is to develop a personality that would reflect the intellectuality, and this intellectuality should not be aloof from life itself or from others, but should reflect itself in the everyday affairs of life. Gemini must remember, that as a personality, he can have a tremendous impact or influence upon others.

One of the problems of Geminis is in being impatient with others who are not on their level; they often tend to go off, remove themselves so to speak, from those who are not on their intellectual level, forgetting that those who are advanced have a responsibility to those who are not. They should remember that those on a certain rung of the ladder of accomplishment and development should never forget to put a helping hand to those on the rungs below them.

It is not easy for the Gemini personality to communicate intellectually on a level below them since their minds are constantly involved with the abstract concept, and it is not easy for them to translate into a language that other people could understand. This is one of the reasons why Mercury rules Gemini, the communication; it is also representative of the mission of Jesus, the disseminator of knowledge so that mankind could relate to the knowledge and apply it to their lives.

As stated before, there is always this conflict within the Gemini; Gemini, remember, is the scientific sign of the zodiac as well. There are others, but Gemini is the most scientific. And too often, when it comes to spiritual concepts, Gemini has the approach of “I’m from Missouri, show me,” and there is not the faith or the ability to actually consider that things might not be so on a different level other than the purely physical/ scientific.

However, once they actually acquire spiritual concepts and understanding, they are the greatest teachers of the spiritual levels. Also, on the cusp of the first house, this conflict within Gemini is the identification of “self” as a personality through intellectuality.

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