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Gemini April 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to April 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Gemini Zodiac Sign!Gemini April 2016 Horoscope

Gemini April 2016 Horoscope – Overview

Gemini, you are courageous and decisive in April 2016. You will be called upon to provide moral leadership on issues at home, work and within your social life. You will have a surplus of energy and will be able to work for long periods without becoming tired and drained.

You are the Alpha Male/Female in April 2016, even if that is not a role you usually take on. You can be successful in leadership roles as you are encouraging more than bossy, and that wins you respect. You are likely to take up sporting pursuits in April 2016, but more for the enjoyment than the competitive aspect – you are enthusiastic, not fiercely competitive right now.

Gemini, April of 2016 is rather a lucky month, when things will tend to flow and where you can be more productive than usual. Even the humdrum routines will be easier to bear. As you are feeling confident in April 2016, use the time to tackle anything you would usually shy away from. Take some chances in terms of applying for new jobs or new positions, entering a competition, etc. I am not suggesting you initiate major changes right now, but this is a great month to test the water with a nothing ventured, nothing gained attitude.

April 2016 Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope

The April 2016 Love Horoscope for Gemini shows that give and take is the theme in relationships. Your partner may accuse you of being selfish and demanding, which is not really fair; you are both just not on the same page. Sometimes our loved ones want tangible evidence of our commitment, and that is the case in April 2016; you really need to put in extra effort to show him/her that you care. This means listening more, helping out, taking an interest, going the extra mile.

Often we do not realize how we take those we love for granted, and so it is not a bad thing to reaffirm that commitment and love by making some extra effort.

Gemini, it is possible that you may have some arguments at the start of the month – try and hold your tongue as you are likely to regret saying things later on. Do not jump to conclusions and try and be as fairminded as possible, even in heated debates. Arguing and getting angry will not really get either of you anywhere, especially as you will tend to get stubborn and more entrenched in your views. Drop the arguing about small issues and think about ways to constructively balance your needs. April 2016 is not a month where an argument clears the air, it’s a month where you need to keep trying and keep remembering what each of you said in the argument in terms of what you need and expect from each other.

Gemini Career Horoscope for April 2016

Gemini, cooperation is key in April 2016 – even if you have to put differences aside to cooperate with a competitor or a colleague you really cannot stand. Be diplomatic and do not be intimidated.

Teamwork and compromise may be very much a part of what you have to do work-wise in April 2016. You are full of strength and courage right now and should not shy away from any challenge at work as you can do it. Be positive as this is a really fortunate month when things should fall into place. In business, issues wider than your usual frame of reference will have to be taken into account, and you may need to seek legal advice or even hire a translator.

Gemini, in April 2016 be fair in everything you do, and you will be beyond reproach. If you encourage others to be fair and committed to the end result, things can be very productive despite differences.

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