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Gemini April 2017 Horoscope

Gemini April 2017 Horoscope Monthly Overview

The Gemini 2017 April monthly predictions shows that back in March you may well have been involved in hectic and rather stressful events in your social life, and perhaps some ideological struggle with a partner or a group. You start the month of April with a need for some peace and quiet and quality time alone, but that is not exactly what is going to happen.

Your sign ruler Mercury moves retrograde around April 9th and at this time you experience a strong pull from recent social events, which makes you reconsider plans. During the remaining part of April you will find yourself getting swept up in the social merry-go-round once more. It is a great time for large group events and international connections, which gather pace at the very end of April.

The last part of April is a busy time for you, not least because Mars enters your sign – an event that takes place about once every two years. There is a chance that a good friend will join up with you at this time, and you can be of great mutual help for each other. It is the perfect time for dynamic initiatives which involve networking and communication. You’ll need all your ingenuity to resolve challenges at work involving difficult personnel or issues that recur and prevent progress.

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