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Gemini Archetype

Core Insights for Gemini

Mode: Spiral (Seeking, Evolving, Reflecting, Demonstrating, Distributing)

Element: Air (Awareness, ideas, Thought, Concepts, Knowledge)

Archetypal Images: Storyteller, Messenger, Eternal Youth, Intellectual, Trickster

Planetary Governor: Mercury S

House Association: 3rd House of Perception & Intelligence

Body Wisdom: Lungs, Arms, Hands, Nervous System.

Spiritual Principle: Conversation “Realizing Spontaneous Being”

Harmonious: Communicative, Quick-witted, Curious, Youthful, Spontaneous, Clever, Adaptable, Flexible, Mobile, Perceptive, Comical, Versatile, Dexterous, Knowledgeable.

Shadow: Superficial, Scattered, Uncommitted, Distracted, Nervous, Selfish, Mischievous Insubstantial, Perverse, Fickle, Immature, Overly Talkative, Confused, Knowledgeable.

Gemini is the archetype of disseminating knowledge, mental perception and youthful versatility. People with lots of Gemini influence in their chart become incredibly curious, preferring to communicate ideas and revel in information. It is also the sign of the Clown and the shape shifter.

Extremely intelligent, versatile, and adaptable, Gemini is the style of precise thought. This sign governs communications and can think as fast as a computer. Unfortunately the feelings of a computer sometimes manifest as well. This archetype forms the basic genesis of all language, the ability to process experience mentally and give it meaning within. Gemini’s variety seeking nature makes it the core archetypal image of the informant on the quest for information or knowledge.

Gemini governs commerce and the flow of ideas as well as trade and journalism. Awareness of cyclic change will tune you into the cosmic rhythm. With Gemini as a guide, something will always happen next!

Gemini and Mercury symbolize the experience of communing with the eternal presence through thoughts and words shared with people. It is the sign of the scribe and the writer, aspiring to think, perceive and learn from experience. Curious Gemini inspires you to seek awareness and distribute ideas in the field of life experience that it shines into in your chart.

The house with Gemini on the cusp is where you need to be a source of knowledge, trivia, comedy, adaptability, and logic. The same goes for the house that contains Mercury, the ancient messenger of the gods. It is in those realms that you can point the way like a wise teacher to authentic knowledge and teach others by your example how to laugh and live a life of spontaneous being.

Gemini governs the arms, hands, lungs, and nervous system. Gemini folk usually talk with their hands and arms and can grow quite nervous if they are not slowing down occasionally to relax and take a deep breath. The hands are used in the expression of skills as well as writing.

When your Gemini energy is misdirected you become cold and robotic, so full of meaningless jargon that you can’t see the forest for the trees. Lost in trivia, the shadow of Gemini emerges making you nervous, confused, irresponsible, and childish. The words come out of your mouth just to fill the airwaves with noise and inside you feel distracted and scattered.

The key word knowledgeable appears on both the light and dark sides of Gemini. There is a difference between knowing a skill and having valuable facts that can serve others, but when your mind is just cluttered with useless trivia and knowledge without feeling, something has gone wrong. Knowing how to bake a cake is valuable, but knowing how to build a deadly atomic bomb might be too much, especially when that knowledge is misused and squandered.

The other shadow of Gemini is dishonesty. There are always two stories going on for the dark Gemini. They either make great fiction writers or great liars. Hermes (the Greek Mercury) was also known as the god of thieves!

Learn to overcome the shadow through expressing the opposite sign Sagittarius, gaining faith, inspiration, and meaning.

For Gemini the pen is always mightier than the sword. People with a preponderance of Gemini planets in their chart are attracted to games of chance and strategy. They love to engage their minds in such pursuits even if it’s just a friendly game of scrabble. For Gemini the dimension of the mind and its thoughts and words is a delicious reality. The problem is that they often get stuck there!

The spiritual principle of Gemini is spontaneous being through conversation, which literally means the action of turning with another. The word universe has the same root and means the turning of the One. For Gemini the most courageous conversation possible is what drives them through life, and sometimes it’s not even with a person, but eternal being. Through communication, Gemini adds its vibration to the advancement of culture and civilization, whether it is through libraries or post offices.

The glyph for Gemini symbolizes two pillars of knowledge and the dual essence of cyclic interplay. It requires two to tango in communication, a sender and a receiver. Gemini blesses the world with curiosity and questions, like an innocent child. There are always multiple paths back to Spirit for this archetype. The twins served as a fitting metaphor for Gemini symbolizing Yin and Yang standing apart, but unified by the lines of heaven and earth.

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