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Gemini August 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our August 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Gemini Zodiac Sign!

Gemini August Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

Dear Gemini, August 2016 can be a stop-start month with you wanting to put your foot on the gas, but having to slam on the brake every five minutes due to something happening.

You must look deeper and ask yourself: is it really the outside world stopping me in my tracks, or is it a nagging lack of confidence within me that is being projected onto the outside world and causing these obstacles? Have a deep think about what you are doing: do you really want to choose this direction? Are you 100% behind it? Are you indeed conflicted? Are the obstacles to do with your partner or your home life? When you have the answers to these questions you can detect the core root of the obstacles, and you may find that you can either go forward without hitches or realize that you were barking up the wrong tree, anyway.

There may be difficulties keeping everyone happy in August 2016 as you are pulled between commitments and obligations to people. Each commitment is just as important, and you cannot be all things to all people no matter how much you want to. You will end up having to choose and having to disappoint someone, but as long as you make the decision in plenty of time instead of delaying until the last minute, you can still end up saving the day.

August 2016 Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope

In August 2016 single Gemini may well meet someone quite accidentally during either study, travel or a legal matter to whom they are immediately drawn. This person may either be older or mature for their age, and the relationship can get off the ground rather fast.

In August 2016 is a positive one for Geminis, who are themselves older or divorced to find love. A great maturity in the way you approach and handle relationships is an asset right now. A relationship that begins now can be rather surprising and can really widen your horizons.

In ongoing relationships it is important to uphold your responsibilities, there may be times in August 2016 where you feel restless and are wondering if the grass is not greener. You should not let any feelings of wanderlust jeopardize your relationships: be responsible and recognize that any relationship needs reliability and hard work, there is no such thing as greener grass or a free lunch either, OK!

Work that you put into relationships, even when it’s tough and not that exciting, will be rewarded.

Gemini Career Horoscope August 2016

August 2016 is an ideal month for business organization, formatting contracts and dealing with legal issues. You must seek to work with others within your field – a collaboration with another expert can help solidify your reputation. You may look to join up with other businesses in a joint marketing campaign or perhaps host a competition with other similar businesses. Look to see what you have in common with other businesses, i.e. product, location, similar customers and see how you can combine resources to improve trade for you all. Get in touch with the local chamber of commerce for support.

Take responsibilities towards your coworkers and seniors seriously, do not try and show anyone up or pull rank as it will not go down well in August 2016. Make sure your company and those you work with are socially responsible in terms of being as ‘green’ or as environmental as possible and with regards to workers’ rights.

August 2016  can be a very fortunate month in terms of promotion for those who work in the police, law enforcement, and departments of state and local authorities.

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