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Born on the Gemini-Cancer Cusp

Born on the Gemini-Cancer Cusp

Name of Cusp: Geminancer
Date Range: June 16 to June 26
Strengths: Thoughtful, nurturing, dualistic, integrating.
Born of Air and Water
Rulers: Mercury and the Moon
Motto: There is security in alternatives!

Diversity joins hands in the facets of family.


The blending of Gemini and Cancer cusp promotes kindness and a desire to integrate the thoughts and emotions. The planetary rulership of both Mercury and the Moon encourage compassion and sincerity. The comfort margin that can be gained by sharing thoughts and feelings with like minded souls is astounding! Acceptance of others thoughts and feelings, though different from the native, is done with ease.

The blending of the Air and Water elements of this sign, reveal an active intuition. Often solutions to problems are seen through the mist of the psyche and interpreted by an active mind.

Nurses, counselors, den mothers and chefs pervade Gemini and Cancer cusp. There is an innate ability for them to make others comfortable with their thoughts and feelings. Successful Realtors that are in tune with finding a comfortable home for their clients are also found on this cusp. Speaking and listening blends very well in the persona of the Geminancer.

If the Sun is afflicted on the Gemini-Cancer cusp there can be tremendous insecurity and lack of self expression.

Children born under this sign who are not initially provided with the attributes of this cusp can end up in long term counsel or be perpetual students. The seeking is circuitous. It is important to find outlets for both the dominant and recessive aspects of the Gemini side of this cusp.

The home is usually a stimulation place with refuge for relaxation.

There can be a tendency to wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve with this placement. Once a compassionate response is seen, loyal and enduring friendships result.

Cusp Astrology

What is a Cuspian?

Those born within 5 degrees of sign change, have the unique capability to bridge the differences between people as well as demonstrating tremendous versatility. The Cuspian is little understood by our culture, as harshly defined lines regarding the character traits of the zodiac signs were drawn centuries ago. The intricacies of these Cuspian personalities may be the key to greater integrate our understanding and blending of character traits throughout the chart as a whole.

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