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The Gemini Child

Astrology & the Child

Astrology is a very practical tool in raising children. It provides information that eliminates judgment and criticism of a child (and parent) and can inspire communication between the generations. The knowledge of astrology enables us to enhance a child’s potential and to understand their specific behaviors. We can allow them to be who they are and not what we, society, or schools expect them to be.

The Gemini Child

The Gemini Child

The Gemini Child

The Gemini child is two in one, having a twofold personality and a versatile and agile mind. Gemini works with the air element, which creates mental acuity. Gemini is also a mutable sign, which means very changeable. Always asking questions, Geminis will expect very well thought out answers, for they are always constructing their minds and on a constant quest for new and different information.

Gemini has unlimited curiosity and a fascination with learning, especially in the areas of reading, writing, and speaking. Gemini’s purpose is to disperse as much information as possible about both sides of every subject to the largest number of people who will listen. Therefore, from very early in life, the Gemini child begins gathering concrete informational facts.

The mind of Gemini is diverse and distinctly two-sided. Geminis live in both polarities, seem to have dual natures, and can speak out of both sides of their mouth. Even when no one understands what a Gemini is talking about, their charm is irresistible.

One side of the dual Gemini mind and personality is serious, intellectually focused and a logical problem-solver. This child will probably be interested in pursuing politics or law. The other side is a spontaneous and creative communicator. Outgoing and full of facts, this child likes to display their inexhaustible talents to anyone who will listen. Offer Geminis dancing, singing, drama, and music classes since they like to move about constantly. They have a quick, subtle, and sometimes sarcastic wit, which, when directed, can be used to write satire and lyrics.

Gemini children have great powers of persuasion and an almost golden glow emanates from their words, eyes, and bodies. Most important is their need to be listened to. Geminis enjoy time alone, but when they are ready to speak, they will want the listener’s complete attention.

The environment for the Gemini child must be both stimulating yet very ordered. Gemini has difficulty relaxing due to restless nature and the constant workings of the mind. Interest in what the Gemini child is thinking is crucial to development of self-esteem. Education needs to be information-oriented and varied, for Geminis learn and absorb quickly, impatient for the next fact. Geminis want to master a subject by skimming the information; therefore they need to learn how, and be encouraged, to study. This is a deeper focus for the mind and one that needs to be especially cultivated, especially in the Gemini child.

The Gemini child can be especially frightened by extreme or constant emotions. Therefore parents and caregivers must temper their emotions or the child will withdraw. Being a Gemini means the mind is always working on two or more polarized things at one time. Gemini behavior is often interpreted by family and friends as emotionally distant or ignoring the needs of others. This is not the situation. Geminis are consumed by their own dual thoughts, plans, agendas, and ideas, desiring to bring things into unified order. They’re not ignoring you — they’re just busy at the moment. And that’s the purpose of their life.

Read constantly to Gemini children. Take them to libraries, bookstores, museums, science exhibits, and gardens. Give them a computer with an encyclopedia program. Teach them the names of everything. Take walks with giant magnifying glasses. Buy them a telescope and name the stars. Find mentors for them in the arts of basket weaving, sewing, and embroidery, for Gemini hands seek movement and creativity. Be prepared to explain the origins of the solar system, the universe, the big picture of life, and then fill in the facts. Remember, the Gemini child learns quickly and needs variety. As your Gemini child grows older, travel the U.S. and later the world.

The following is a list of well-known Geminis whose work displays qualities of diversity, magnetism and inventiveness: artist Paul Gauguin, musician Bob Dylan, politician John F. Kennedy, dancer Isadora Duncan; the author of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; poets Walt Whitman and Ralph Waldo Emerson; architect Frank Lloyd Wright, actor John Wayne, and esoteric writer Alice A. Bailey.

The Gemini child, if introduced to these writers, artists, politicians, and musicians, will better understand the force of duality behind their own creativity. They will provide mentorship later in the Gemini child’s life.

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