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Gemini Constellation

Gemini in the Sky with Diamonds

Gemini ConstellationThe constellation Gemini, also called the Twins Castor and Pollux, is one of the few constellations that looks like what it represents — if we learn how to connect the dots (see diagram). The two bright stars marking the head bear the names of the twins, Castor and Pollux. These two very closely placed white stars revolve around each other. Astronomers call this phenomenon of two stars seeming to revolve around a common center of gravity, a “binary system.” Pollux, the brighter of the two, is thirty-five light-years away. Castor is more distant. Parallel strings of fainter stars mark the Twins’ bodies, creating mirror images of each other. This suggests the dual nature of Gemini. The Sun at Summer Solstice is at the foot of Castor.

Gemini is most prominent during March, but early in June the Moon provides a visual landmark to spot the Twins standing upright on the west-northwest horizon.

In Ancient Wisdom teachings, Castor and Pollux were students of Mercury, who bestowed immortality upon each brother on alternative days. This subtly suggests the dual nature of Gemini.

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