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Gemini On Eight House Cusp

Gemini in 8th house – Gemini on the cusp of the eighth house

You likely seek power through communication and information. You likely strive to know more or have more information and knowledge than others as a point of power or dominance over them. People with strong 8th house elements usually need to be cautious of emotional co-dependency patterns. But with Gemini On Eight House Cusp, the desire is to have power over or to control the minds of others through financial, material, or physical means rather than to control their emotions.

Sometimes with this position, you may find yourself in physical/sexual relationships which either boost or compromise your psychological influence and intellectual power over others, having you manipulating others or being manipulated by others to meet financial-material needs.

On a higher octave, Gemini in the 8th house gives the ability to understand the mysteries of life because we are involved in the Search for Truth, but the problem is that Gemini could get too involved with only the abstractions of mysteries and not understanding or the application to life itself. We are involved with Metaphysics, and we are involved with astrology, and Gemini would be able to understand these disciplines, but must be cautious that they are not just an intellectual involvement and not the application and, especially, the communication.

Here, above all, Gemini has to achieve the higher values of knowledge. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge itself could be one of the weak characteristics of Gemini, one of the failings of Gemini. On the cusp of the eighth house what is demanded is the true understanding and application of Higher Truth.

Also, one of the Gemini characteristics which must be avoided, is the fact that Gemini tends to flit from one subject to another, and its location on the eighth house requires that Gemini pursue Truth to its essence, to its completion, and not just half-hearted gestures at it. Gemini with its associative ability can see the interrelatedness between the various disciplines of esoteric knowledge and thus see the common ground between them. The intellectual approach of Gemini provides the tool for the using of mind in a constructive sense in one’s life.

Could not the subliminal influence of Pluto, as a regenerative force, be instrumental in bringing Gemini from the purely physical, mundane, material aspects to that of the spiritual? In other words, the intellectual should be used on a spiritual level as well as the material level.

In order to achieve real accomplishment in these areas, Gemini needs to develop his persistence rather than scattering the mental energy, which is the tendency of the sign.

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