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Gemini On Eleventh House Cusp

Gemini in 11th house – Gemini on the cusp of the eleventh house

Your thoughts and ideas and your communications of them are influenced by your social circle(s) or based upon the collective needs of society or humanity. Team/group/collaborative efforts likely inspire and enliven you as you get to share your ideas and learn from others’ ideas and put all of your ideas together to create bigger ideas that can be manifest into things that benefit the whole of humanity.

Be cautious of “group-think”, or thinking and believing something simply because others around you are telling you that it is so…and/or beware of saying that you believe something (even if you don’t) just to maintain your associations or affiliations with your ‘friends’ or the social circle(s) you run with.

Gemini On Eleventh House Cusp is involved with the manner in which he develops his relationships. First he must relate to himself, then to others, and then to the world. Here, again, it can be purely an intellectual one, tending perhaps to prefer associations only with those who are intellectually his equal or superior, forgetting that he must help his brother on a lower rung and thus help him raise his consciousness.

George Bernard Shaw once passed a remark to the effect that the trouble with mankind was that it did not think enough, but that he, George Bernard Shaw, was different from the rest of his fellow man in that he made a habit of thinking at least once a week. Gemini could be George Bernard Shaw in influencing other people, stimulating them mentally.

By direct reaction to the fifth house, it is the creative manner in which Gemini can stimulate others. This is different because, as mentioned before, Gemini finds it rather difficult to come out of the clouds of the abstract level of thought into the practical, everyday approach to life or understanding. So Gemini in the eleventh house must develop various techniques of expressing knowledge and wisdom so that people on different levels can comprehend. Again, it goes back to a statement that Jesus made, “Even as I have done, so can ye also, and more.” Gemini must be careful not to say one thing and do another.

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