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Gemini On Fourth House Cusp

Gemini in 4th house – Gemini of the cusp of the fourth house

The foundation of your personal or private persona and life is built upon your ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and your communication and expression of them. Unlike most people, having a lot going on around you makes you feel at home. Without a lot to keep your mind occupied around you, you are bored and may find yourself creating situations to learn and gather knowledge from (which others may call ‘causing trouble’).

Sometimes, this placement manifests as a need to bring stability to a mentally over-stimulating environment, but usually it indicates a need for that busyness. Your home environment nurtures and encourages your often over-active Gemini mind.

This is the house where we influence and affect others, where we can help others find meaning, direction, and purpose to life. Gemini in the 4th house, again emphasizes the fact that through disseminating knowledge, by being a Messenger of the Gods, so to speak, that Geminis can be most instrumental in bringing the knowledge to others whereby they can understand their own purpose in life, what direction they should go into, and where each individual can find his meaning in life. Of course, it is most important that Gemini find these things for himself.

Since the 4th house is the house of the home, on a mundane level, it does emphasize the need for roots, for Gemini. Now to most people, roots usually are characterized by home, family, relatives, the nation, this sort of thing. Actually Gemini has the ability to find his roots and establish a constructive manner through which he can influence and affect others. The personality is the home of the soul; the auric field which surrounds the body is also a home within itself, and whatever is registered in the auric field can have a subtle influence on those who come into a person’s sphere of influence. This is something the Gemini should recognize as a medium through which he can influence and affect others.

Because Cancer is the natural ruler of the fourth house, Gemini of the cusp of the fourth house would be one of the channels through which he can develop the “feeling” aspect. It is not that Gemini does not feel, but finds it difficult to demonstrate affection and, especially, when Gemini is involved with concentrative activities or involved in some mental pursuit being able to shut out the world, he gives the appearance of being cold. This fourth house location of the sign of Gemini could assist in bringing about more of an ability to demonstrate feeling aspects.

Karmically speaking, it could also point out that there should be more of a parental approach for the Gemini, caring for others, and this can best be illustrated by helping Gemini being concerned that other people do find meaning, direction, and purpose to life.

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