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Gemini Girl Hairstyle

Gemini Girl Hairstyles

Gemini girls are basically known for one thing, and that is change. These gals are an air sign, so the fact of the matter is these ladies change their minds almost daily about everything and anything. That being said, when it comes to hair styles and hair colors, these girls are masters of new and refined stuff.

For example, the Gemini girls favorite hairstyle might be long hair. They may love just keeping it down and simple, but later in the evening accessorize it with flowers or clips. In the next few days they might want to change it up. That could include changing the color or length simultaneously.

Gemini ladies are known for their sense of adventure and excitement. This will ultimately be translated into the hair style they choose as well. Gemini girls are lucky as they usually look much younger than their age. Because of this aspect, almost any hair style can suit them in one way or another.

In addition, their bright and elongated facial features just adds a sense of elegance and grace to their chosen hair styles as well. Gemini ladies might also like to get their hair a bit frizzy and messy by its appearance. This may be their way of having fun and just playing around with hair style products. Experimentation is high on their list, so whatever they hear on the streets, they would want to try it for themselves to see it it fits their personality.

Some Gemini girls add a touch of bangs to their look. Bangs reflect youth so maybe that would be delicate and graceful for them for a while. But do not be surprised if they alter their hair style from bangs to extensions or simple highlights in a few days to a week.

Their decisions spring up one day out of the blue and they just go with their gut and try new and unusual things that excite their overall spirit. These gals will find what works for them through trial and error, and they are not afraid of digging deep and transforming their hair one day at a time. At the end of the day, layers might be a Gemini girl’s best friend. Layers simply adds a sense of sophistication and diversity to the hair and in addition, this creates body and elegance to top it all off.

Some Gemini girls might appreciate a bit of chemical exposure to their hair. They might want to additionally bleach their whole head form top to bottom and their roots as well. They really are not shy about trying something totally extreme, so watch out for that folks! Light hair would be ideal for them or some light highlights, to be able to showcase their young look and overall appearance!

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