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Gemini Goat (Sheep) Personality

The Goat – Gemini will talk a good game about “needing your space,” but in reality you need people around you at all times, and not just any people, the right people — that is, people who will provide input for your rapacious sense of ego.

You need to feel connected, and any medium of communication will serve to dispel your sense of isolation — phone, internet, even television are better than being left alone to listen to the hollow repetition of your own Gemini fears.

Even with a durable partner by your side, you’ll feel compelled to stray from time to time, because no one person could ever quench your insatiable need for love or appreciate half of the facets that make up your clever but flighty personality.

This sort of Goatish self-absorption may serve you well, should you attempt a career in the performing arts.

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