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The Gemini woman is carefree intelligence.

You are the wings of the Zodiac with an active mind and a delightful spirit that few signs can capture.

Your Many Fabulous Qualities

Gemini dear, who are you today? Men love both sides of your duel personality even when they have problems figuring out just who you are at the moment or keeping up with you ever.

Who doesn’t love fun? No men that knows you that is certain. You can shift the serious to silly easier and faster than anyone and everyone is delighted that you do.

Your quest for knowledge or the latest gossip always makes you the most interesting woman in the room. No man knew that he would love just talking until he met you.

To the commitment-phobic man, a Gemini woman is a dream come true. But when he finally wants to settle down, his heart may indeed be broken as you fly off on another adventure. Lucky for him that you always leave with a kiss and a smile.

Never a dull moment will interfere with your good times or his. It’s a lucky man who gets to settle down with you and not have to give up an ounce of fun.

Sweet and sentimental but without emotional baggage makes your carefree heart loving and much sought after. And you love sharing that wonderful spirit with the one you truly love.

You don’t have a jealous bone in your body and even indiscretions by your partner don’t rock your boat. Both men and women envy this special and oddly unique quality.

You are a most gracious hostess and your home is always a welcome place for your friends and his. Men love the party atmosphere that you create.

You are by far the most cling-free woman in the Zodiac. A night with the boys or a trip out of town? Sure, you say and he falls in love with you even more.

Hot, animistic, raw sex. Ah, with a Gemini? How about champagne through straws with clown hats. Romance is just more fun for the Gemini woman.

And Gemini dear, while all these qualities are rightfully yours, the universe gave you something else that makes you the Gemini Goddess.

Your True Goddess Power

Of all your fabulous qualities, your passion for change is your power source. Gemini reinvents herself dozens of times a day or hour. You confound, delight and energize all that you touch. You possess the true spirit of Air energy in it’s finest freedom loving form.

Never underestimate this awesome power, which so many people fear. Change is one of the most certain of all human experiences and one that causes great anxiety. You have the ability to love and be loved by so many but your true gift is that you have no need to attach yourself to any one person. You are here to love and be loved and to share the miracle of the universal principle called change. Your carefree spirit makes this possible; don’t ever try to restrain it or the Goddess within.

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