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As the Sun transmits the energies of Gemini (Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom) we may find ourselves focusing more on connecting and relating to others. Our perceptions will be keener, our senses clearer, and our bodies may have more flexibility. We will want to join others, get off that Taurean chair, and go somewhere. As we do this, we will convey and transfer information from one place to another, which is the function of Gemini.

Gemini is an air sign and therefore experiences the world through a mental lens. During this Gemini month, if we do not balance the mental with physical exercise we may find ourselves emotionally agitated. In other words, if we overtax our mind, fashion our diet on snacks and espresso, worry excessively, and run about in a perpetually frantic emotional state, we could become rather indisposed. Nervous afflictions, insomnia, a feeling of burn-out, mental exhaustion (try the homeopathic remedy Kali Phos), and a weakening of the immune system are some of the possible results. Also, since Gemini has a dual nature, two illnesses can manifest at the same time.

Relaxation, extra sleep, deep breathing exercises, swimming, and calming foods rich in vitamin B (thiamin) and potassium chloride are recommended as part of Gemini’s ordered and healthy daily life. Foods rich in potassium chloride include: apricots, asparagus, carrots, cauliflower, celery, green beans, oranges, peaches, pears, pineapples, plums, and sweet corn.

The Etheric Body

The etheric body is a subtle energy field that both penetrates into and extends outside the body. Blue in color and outlining the shape of the body so completely, the etheric body has long been thought of as the physical body’s double. The etheric field has a definite structure of lines of force (an energy matrix), upon which the physical body is shaped and anchored. The physical tissues exist as such, only due to the vital field of the etheric supporting them. In other words, the etheric is created prior to, and is not a result of, the physical body.

The word etheric comes from the Middle English ether, a state between energy and matter. The etheric body is composed of tiny energy lines, like a sparkling web of light beams. Constructed of fiery threads and filled with electricity, the etheric field is in constant motion. Having the same shape as the physical body, including the anatomical parts and organs, this silvery blue corona extends from one quarter inch to two inches beyond the physical body and pulsates about 15-20 cycles per minute.

The etheric field is under the domain of Gemini and the planet Mercury. While it protects and provides the pattern for the physical body, the etheric field also collects stimuli from the external world and passes it into our internal world, and vice versa. It also passes stimuli from our inner worlds into the outer world, thus acting as a messenger (Mercury). The etheric body is the linking and communicative field between higher frequencies (emotional, mental, Soul, intuitive, monadic, etc.) and the lower frequencies of the physical body, including the glands, nervous system and organs. Health and illness originate in the etheric. Nutritional, environmental, emotional and mental elements within our field affect our spiritual balance as well as our cellular patterns.

It is through this process that we affect and change other dimensions as they, in turn, equally affect and change us.

Homeopathics, herbs, vitamins, and Bach Flower Remedies specifically for Gemini (person and time of year):

Homeopathic is Kali Mur (potassium chloride), important in cell formation and integrity of form. Kali Mur helps the assimilation of elements contained in food and also reduces soreness and swelling of glands and sore throats.

Herbs containing large quantities of potassium chloride are meadow sweet, tansy, vervain, and yarrow. Herbs especially for nerves are: skullcap, valerian, celery, hops, cleavers, goosegrass, caraway, and endive.

Vitamins are B complex for nervous system and A, C, and D to help resist upper respiratory infections.

Minerals are calcium and magnesium (taken before sleep), natural tranquilizers that aid the nervous system.

Bach Flower Remedies are Cerato, Agrimony, and Oak

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