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Gemini Horse Personality

Zodiac for Gemini born in the Horse year: 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014

You’ve discovered the secret of eternal youth, which to the Horse – Gemini is a ceaseless parade of new thrills, new options, new people and new places.

You have a wide range of interests as befits a true scion of the house of the Twins, but few of them extend much deeper than the paper they’re printed on.

Emotionally immature, you think that everything said or done by others is directed at you in some way, even if it’s just an offhand comment uttered by a total stranger on the subway.

You are overly sensitive to criticism, and have a hard time holding your imperious Horse – born temper in check when you feel that you’ve been slighted, which is often.

Much of the stress in your life is self-generated due to this curious lack of interpersonal intuition, and you could be at some risk of an early heart attack if you don’t manage to cut the rest of the world some slack and reach some kind of detente with what you imagine to be a host of foes.

This sign combination is not an easy destiny for anyone, but if you learn how to overcome the pitfalls it can be a lot of fun! The Gemini brings to the Horse a fun and optimistic childlike skip to the Horses step and the Horse brings a bit of well needed stability to the Gemini, but it also brings a hefty rebellious streak which to be honest isn’t at all needed as Gemini people can quite easily get themselves into mischief without any help from the Horse. By mixing these two signs together you get a rather interesting, intelligent and certainly not dull, person who on a good day will be up for anything and on a bad daywell…you had better watch out.

These people have quick fire tempers and they have been known to slam the odd door on occasion as well. You really need to love a Gemini/Horse to live with one. Once these people hit 30 life really does begin. There is a liberation that comes with age and the Gemini Horse is the first to grab hold of it. From 30 onwards these fascinating creatures become rather eccentric really come out of there shell, it may be a long time to wait, but trust me; it’s more than worth it!

Gemini/Horse As Children

Gemini/Horse children are wonderful and enthusiastic, childhood suits them exceptionally well as they are full of fun. It is the boundaries you must have as a child that causes the problems. The Gemini/Horse child is the kid in the classroom who stares longingly out of the window staring at the clock willing it to fast forward! It is not that these children do not like school they can and do very well and are often highly successful in their chosen subjects but they simply don’t like rules and it is my opinion that these children will benefit from interesting family day’s out to museums and other sites of interest as this is how they will learn best.

The classroom seems to simply switch their mind off, whether they like it or not. When they are young children they can actually be ultra shy always trying to find a suitable leg to run behind when strangers approach and to an outsider this child will seem the meek and mild type. Do not be fooled underneath the surface is a unique and highly individual, capable person waiting to burst out. Parents of these adorable children need to be strict and disciplined from an early age; they must be literally forced to finish tasks and chores otherwise this person can have problems as an adult when it comes to work and running a household. This may all sound rather harsh but trust me it is for the good of the family in the long run.

Enter the teenage Gemini/Horse, and oh what an entrance. They have no respect for authority and have very strong opinions on how the world should be run and by whom (themselves preferably). Parents of Gemini/Horse teenagers will be pushed to one side I am afraid as they long for freedom, they dream of it. Another common trait of this sign is to leave home at a young age with total disregard to anyone else’s feelings.

Yes, it is fair to say that the Gemini Horse can be highly selfish, thinking of only him/herself and what they will gain from any situation. And with teenage hormones raging through their body, well, you can just imagine the outcome. This is why they really do need to get focused as a young child, to be introduced to activities which they can really get stuck into, luckily they are terribly clever so it could be music, theatre, athletics, they have the potential to be highly successful in anything they do, the point is they have to actually do it to discover that!!!

However, the friends of a Gemini Horse won’t really notice any of the disharmonies as they will be treated very well by the Gem Horse; they make wonderful friends and will do anything for any of them which can lead to them getting in with the wrong people. Try and guide your Gemini Horse away from the wrong kind of people as they can be easily influenced. The good news is this period of angst won’t last too long and in fact the Gemini Horses are the children who end up doting on their parents, so don’t despair too much if you have one of these feisty yet strangely hyper sensitive children, they are very loving, kind and caring, you just may have to wait awhile to find it!

Gemini/Horse Love Life

Imagine living on the fastest roller coaster in the world and that will give you some idea of what it is like for the Gemini/Horse when he/she is in love. These people can get hurt very badly as they have an almost naive sense of love. They believe in fairy tales and dream of living happily ever after with their beloved. As we all know the real world just isn’t like that and as a consequence the Gemini/Horse really does suffer a lot of emotional turmoil and pain. Which is a shame, as these people really do have so much to give in a relationship; all they need is to find the right person. Once they have then this is when the Gemini/Horse really comes into their own.

They are loyal and protective and will go to the ends of the earth for the ones they love as when these people fall in love it is for life and although they may be partial to the odd bit of flirting there certainly won’t be any affairs going on. I don’t think anyone can ever really understand the depth to this person’s emotion; they are hypersensitive to everything and are emotionally very high maintenance. They want you to be there 100% of the time but then if you are they wish you weren’t, then when you go they want you back! It’s all very confusing.

The Gemini really gives the poor Horse a hard time, being so changeable and flighty these people spend the whole time keeping their emotions in check; they feel something all the time and it can literally wear them out. This person needs to feel secure so they can truly be themselves, to the Gemini Horse the words ‘I love you’ mean so much and this can lead to them being truly hurt by the wrong sort of people whose only interest is in what they can get.

Gemini/Horses love surprise dates, the love people to be unique in their ideas as this means that someone has really thought about them. When it is a loved one’s birthday or at Christmas time the Gemini/Horse will go out of their way to make the love of their life smile, to this person that is what life’s all about.

Now when it comes to the bedroom department it can take awhile to get the Gemini Horse to relax. They are very shy and may seem as though they are quite cold and you may feel that they dont want you to touch them or that you have done something wrong. The truth is that they were born to please people, yet they have an inbuilt worry gene, they worry about everything from whether you really like them, to how they look to whether you will enjoy kissing them etc and this can cause them to seem quite aloof and uninterested. This is very false; if you are able to make him or her relax then you’re in for a big treat!

In a secure and solid relationship the Gemini Horse will want to enjoy a full and very active and adventurous sex life and will need a partner who can keep up with their demands!

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