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Gemini Horse Personality

You’ve discovered the secret of eternal youth, which to the Horse – Gemini is a ceaseless parade of new thrills, new options, new people and new places.

You have a wide range of interests as befits a true scion of the house of the Twins, but few of them extend much deeper than the paper they’re printed on.

Emotionally immature, you think that everything said or done by others is directed at you in some way, even if it’s just an offhand comment uttered by a total stranger on the subway.

You are overly sensitive to criticism, and have a hard time holding your imperious Horse-born temper in check when you feel that you’ve been slighted, which is often.

Much of the stress in your life is self-generated due to this curious lack of interpersonal intuition, and you could be at some risk of an early heart attack if you don’t manage to cut the rest of the world some slack and reach some kind of detente with what you imagine to be a host of foes.

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