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Gemini In Love

If you are a Gemini you like variety and intellectual challenges. You are always on the lookout for witty, bright people that share your pleasure of easy chatting and constant stimula.


geminiWhen you have set your mind on a Gemini, be happy, unpredictable and available. He/she has a keen mind, tends to be curious, well informed and ready to do anything. You have to show the same qualities to attract his/her attention. Do not complain about the bad situation in the world today. Do not whine. Do not ask to make plans weeks beforehand. And above all, you do not want to make a Gemini, who appreciates a lively conversation, bored. Have you ever wondered why the Gemini has a reputation of being unfaithful? It is because they are bored so easily.

Vivacious is a good description of this unpredictable, lively individual born under this sun sign. They can overwhelm you with their boundless energy… Did you see that great movie that was just released?…I am taking this amazing photography class”… Can I borrow….. Oh wait I need to use your phone…. Imagine all this thrown at you in one sentence. That would be a typical interaction with a Gemini.

If you are looking to escape the typical, hum-drum existence of everyday life, a Gemini is a sure bet. Gemini’s have a great zest for living. They are generally quick-witted, generous and imaginative in all areas of their life. Gemini is an air sign. It is the third sign of the zodiac, and represented by the symbol of twins. Duality is their most famous or sometimes most infamous trait.

They want to be involved in everything. Where Leo wants to star in a film, Gemini wants to direct, produce, act and be a stagehand. They are of a restless nature which explains their rather short attention span. As a result of this behavior, they leave intheir wake a trail of unfinished tasks. Also being born with the gift of persuasion, they can sell you a home in the Antarctica. If you are looking for someone to have a fling with who will not beridden with guilt, look no further. They can sometimes be amoral and love nothing better than some new scandalous experience. Buckle up and hop in for this crazy ride.

Clues to Allure a Gemini

1. Remember that Gemini represents the sign of intelligence. Always keep them thinking that you are the most interesting person that they have ever met. They love new ideas, so be sure to be mentally stimulating. “The gonads are turned on by the frontal lobe.” Talk about whatever new book you are reading, a new class that you are taking or better yet just drop intelligent comments and observations. They will be intrigued by your mental acuity. They will express an interest however brief in what you are studying. They have been known to be turned on by an intellectual debate with their lover. Keep those clever one liners coming and you are sure to spark interest.

2. NEVER interrupt them when they are talking or telling a story. Just try and watch them cut you off in mid-sentence to finish what they have to say. They don’t mean to be rude, they just can’t help themselves. Through in a couple of stimulating remarks to show that you are listening. If your not interested, fake it. Pretend that they are divulging the most interesting news that you have ever heard. A sure fir way to win their hearts. They will probably keep raving on and on until it is so nauseating you can not bear it. Bear it! The end result will be worth it.

3. Gemini’s get bored very easily. Do not present yourself as a dullard or a dodo. Instant turn off. They loathe being around boring people. If you do not have an interesting tidbit or them to devour, they will move on.

4. Do not wait to long before the first date. You will risk losing their interest. Take them to the hip new restaurant that just opened. They loved to be seen. It is also very important that you are liked by a Gemini’s friends. They love when you can adapt to their social environment. Do not be surprised if most of their friends are ex-lovers. Just smile and make an attempt to get along. your first date with a Gemini throw out the book of rules on dating. If they are attracted to you, you must act on it immediately.

Keeping their attention is key. A Gemini could change there mind in a heartbeat. Then you will have missed out forever.If things are hot move forward. Do not postpone because you think it is the right thing. They like passionate people. They have no interest in playing hard to get, probably because they are not playing. Gemini’s are truly hard to get and keep. However, if you manage to get one to commit it could be one of the greatest relationships of your, life.

5. Keep sex quick, passionate and stimulating. Don’t be surprised if one minuet they are screaming and clawing in ecstasy, and the next, they are staring at the clock, thinking when is this going to end. That is a Gemini for you. Gemini’s are also known for being skilled experts at foreplay. Having stamina and pleasing their partners into euphoria can be very exciting. But be careful.

Gemini’s are changeable, mutable forces of energy. One minute they can be into foreplay the next, they want to have you and have you now…. There is no pattern or explanation of why they are so moody. Just make sure you are prepared to act on a moments notice. Be aware of mixed signals. One second the juices are flowing, the next, they are as dry as the Las Vegas desert. A “prick tease” would accurately represent this behavior.

They know that they are capable of being irresistible and sexy. They like to test their partners. See how much control they have. There is no other sun sign that will make you so confused sexually. Lets recap for a moment. Absolute No-no’s. Being bored or boring. Being lethargic and having no energy. Interrupting them while they are talking. Asking them to shut up would not go over to well. Absolute must; be a good decision maker. Be spontaneous, quick whited and clever. Remember, they love surprises. No hints please!

A perfect date

A wild escapade is a must! Anything new, hip and trendy. A hot concert in town that has been sold out for weeks. You suddenly acquired two tickets and backstage passes. Instant Gemini lust. If this is a bit of a stretch for you, take them to latest art exhibit or new movie. There really is not much of a need to let them no ahead of time what you have planned, they love spontaneity. They can be ready in a moments notice. Gemini’s tend to be city people. They might appreciate the great out doors, but they prefer the energy and lights of the big city.

A perfect gift

An autobiography about the latest heartthrob or the rich, famous and royal. A weekend trip to someplace exciting like Las Vegas. They love to communicate, so you can not go wrong with a fax machine, answering machine or telephone.

Gemini’s at their Worst

They can be very moody and unpredictable. Something that they found so intriguing yesterday, can bore them to tears today. They never no when to keep quiet. They tend to have very short attention spans and rarely finish a sentence. They can be superficial, emotionally fickle, unreliable and amoral.

Gemini’s at their best

You will have constant excitement while you are with a Gemini. Never a dull, boring moment. They are always into experiencing life. They love coming up with ideas to visit new places and be introduced to new ideas. They are fun, quick whited, intelligent, entertaining, curious, sociable and vivacious.

Who’s Hot

Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe, Tom Jones, Stevie Nicks, Bob Dylan, Annette Bening, Clint Eastwood, Brooke Shields, Dana Carvey, The Artist formally known as Prince, Helen Hunt, Isabella Rosellini, Paul McCartney, Nicole Kidman.

Who’s Not

Joe Namath, Joan Rivers, Tim Allen, Stacy Keach, The Artist formally known as Prince, James Belushi.

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