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Gemini July 2019 Horoscope

Gemini July 2019 Horoscope Monthly Overview

Debate! Spar! Parry! The Gemini astrology forecasts for July 2019 show that whether it’s your honey bunny or your boss or your bus driver, you’re having a great time getting into the nitty-gritty of a debate on the 1st. Don’t worry about offending them. If you speak your truth, that’s the most important thing of all! Go through all your correspondence on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th, to make sure you haven’t forgotten to send anything important. (Or to pay a bill or reply to a query or sign a contract or renew a gym membership.) You know?

A risk may be worth it on the 9th and 10th. Then again, maybe it isn’t. Only you can decide: Listen to your gut. Your innately creative solutions will clear up any professional problems that might arise on the 15th and 16th.

Someone you have really got a crush on has really got a crush on you right back on the pretty terrific 22nd and 23rd. What could be better? Not much! If you have a great idea, put it into action on the 27th or 28th. There’s no time like the present! Gemini, pay attention to the details on the 31st of July 2019. Sure, they’re annoying. But they’re also really, really important.

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July 2019 Love Horoscope & Relationships Forecasts Gemini

The Gemini 2019 July monthly predictions suggest that when it comes to love, there’s nothing quite like a good feisty debate! So if you don’t agree with what they say on the 1st, then for goodness sakes, let them know! Don’t worry that you might clash. A little friction might be just what this romance needs! Make sure you’ve let them know just how much they mean to you on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th. After all, they can’t be expected to read your mind, now, can they? You and they might decide to do something nuts on the 9th and 10th. And why not? After all, when’s the last time you called in sick, then headed to the roller coasters? Just don’t make a habit of it. And only do it if you’re sure you can afford to. And that you won’t get caught!

Your creative impulse clears up difficulty that presents itself to you and your love on the 15th and 16th of July 2019. Everything is feeling pretty darned mutual on the gosh-darned awesome 22nd and 23rd. Well, there’s never anything better than you liking them and them liking you right back. Gemini, you are all about action on the 27th or 28th. So are they! So get going! The details are important on the 31st.

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Gemini Career July 2019 Horoscope

The July 2019 Horoscope for Gemini zodiac sign shows that what will really propel your work life forward is showing what you’re made of. Don’t hang back on the 1st. If you know the answer, say it. If you deserve credit, take it. If you’re ready to debate a point, then heck, debate it. Double check your ‘to-do’ box to make sure that all your ducks are in a line (and not lost in cyberspace) on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th. If you’re confronted with a risk, at work, you’ll have to decide what to do on the 9th and 10th. Should you go ahead and order that jumbo-pack of pens at a discount price? Or bet that your current stash will last long enough?

You are creative, and that will get you out of any professional jams that might arise on the 15th and 16th of July 2019. Gemini, your work is recognized on the 22nd and 23rd. That sure does feel good! Your great ideas deserve to be put it into action. So put them into action on the 27th or 28th. The details are where you need to concentrate your energy on the 31st. Sure, you can skip them. But it’s when you really put the work in, there, that your project shines.

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2019 July Health & Fitness Astrology Predictions For The Twins

How do you define fitness? Is it muscles? Strength? Flexibility? Is it feeling rested when you wake up, falling asleep easily, being able to breathe deeply as you work through stressful situations? The July 2019 Gemini horoscope predicts that as the month gets started. If, on the 1st, you’re on the verge of feeling discouraged about whether or not you’ll ever be able to touch your nose to your toes, don’t forget that you only just started those yoga courses. And maybe it’s time to redefine, a little? Be patient, and don’t set unreasonable goals. Sticking with something is worth more than being able to do all kinds of fancy moves.

On the 5th, you get into the swing of your exercise routine. By the 10th, you’re really ready to take it to the next level (maybe a diet change? Less salt, perhaps?). On the 15th, you feel like something in your mind or body has loosened up. Great. By the 20th, you should take some quiet time, and on the 25th of July 2019, you need a little inspiration. Gemini, if you look hard, by the 30th, you’ll have found all the inspiration you need.

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Overall, the Gemini July 2019 horoscope shows that

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