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Gemini In Karmic Astrology

To be accepted and appreciated as a fine thinker and communicator

One can talk a lot and have nothing to say. Are you taking in and passing on information indiscriminantly? What’s the purpose? Avoid superficialities and delve deeper into the subjects that are meaningful to you. The mind is a muscle. Use it and it will grow strong–cause and effect. Also, how accepting are you of others? Criticism returns to its own roost!

“Direct your thoughts and include the heart.”

These are some who got locked up into their Guru status in past lives and now have a fear of owning the power to teach..because of their ego fears. They are in a student only lifetime…forever curious and able to communicate to all except to own up to the knowledge they have to spread to others.

They are often incarnated around siblings, which can be the husband, wife, children, etc. does not have to be an actual sibling.

The main goal in this life is research and sharing with peers…not becoming the old guru consciousness.

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