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Gemini Life Mission

As a Gemini, you’re supposed to be keeping your options open, networking with a variety of people, and exploring new ideas, and communicating those ideas to others.

Don’t be afraid to keep that DayTimer’s a little more unscheduled!

That’s what you’re learning in this lifetime – to let yourself take advantage of all the options that come your way!

Take advantage of all the opportunities that come up each and every wonderful day!

The Gemini Affirmation

Your Gemini Affirmation is “I am connected with everyone, and I have endless options!”

Say your Affirmation often, and learn to believe it! Your subconscious mind listens to what you’re telling yourself!

If you tell yourself you’re trapped and have 1,452 commitments you can’t break, chances are your wishes will come true!

Try instead to really believe that you can control your own destiny, that you are truly in charge of your own life!

Work hard at reducing the number of times each day you give in to negative self-talk, and work equally hard at increasing the number of times each day you repeat your Gemini affirmation “I am connected with everyone, and I have endless options!”

What you think is what your subconscious believes, and what your reality becomes!

Your Life Issues As A Gemini:

Learning to keep your options open, go lots of places and learn lots of new ideas, don’t get trapped in anything, find a balance so you’re not over-busy and not bored!

Tell yourself often, so your subconscious mind believes it:

“I am connected with everyone and I have endless options.”

Clues You’re Not Doing Well With Your Gemini Life Mission:
  • if you have frequent colds,
  • you’re always very restless,
  • you feel like you never have any time for you because you’re so busy with everyone else,
  • or your DayTimers is completely full

– it’s a clue you need to do some inner work on those Gemini qualities!

Energy Imbalances come from:
  • not keeping your options open,
  • over-committing yourself, and
  • not honoring your need to be in contact with lots of people and ideas.
Clues You’re Doing Well With Your Gemini Life Mission:
  • you don’t take things too seriously and get all worked up about something every other minute,
  • you are able to make a dinner commitment (instead of having a fear of ANY commitment!)
  • most of your Day-Timer’s is free and open.
When You Are Most Yourself & Most Happy:

When you feel like you are connected with everyone, but you also have time to do spur-of-the-moment things without feeling guilty about something else you should be doing. You like being busy, but not over-busy, and you love feeling like you know what is going on with everyone – staying connected is very important for you. Networking and using your communication skills are what you do best!

Good Jobs For Gemini:

Counseling, teaching, mediating, writing – you would be happiest having TWO jobs! Remember, your sign is the sign of the TWINS!

Good Relationships For Gemini – LOVE For A Gemini Sun:

Someone who stimulates you intellectually, someone who is as logical and clear-thinking as you are, someone who respects your need for a variety of friends, jobs, and activities. Need a compatibility reading? If you know the other person’s birthday, month, and year, you can get a reading.

Good Things To Consider If You’re A Gemini Sun:

  • spend time with people who respect your ideas and listen to you,
  • work in a job that uses your communication skills and people skills,
  • wear a Tiger Eye bracelet – Tiger Eye is the Gemini gemstone because it aids in saying what it is that you need to say and gives you conviction in your word,
  • learn a little about everything you can,
  • subscribe to lots of magazines,
  • surf the internet,
  • watch comedies so you lighten up!

What are Gemini qualities?

Great communication ability, learn to take life lightly and stay open to options, develop multiple interests without being scattered.

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