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The Gemini Man

The Gemini man has the opportunity to remain what is referred to as “an eternal boy” for the rest of his life, exactly as the archetype of Hermes that resounds in his psyche and that accompanies his journey.

He must be in contact with that internal part called “playful child or divine child”, a characteristic of the psyche that allows joy, to explore everything, without making the ordinary chronic and turn reality into what can only apparently give certainty, but in actual fact means losing contact with the magic of life.

Gemini undoubtely has many features of PUER, nevertheless two typologies can still exist, and this will depend on an identification with the bright part or with the dark side of the archetype.

The Puer is represented by a child with a fantastic, open and curious perceptive system, able to grasp all there is in its surroundings: a realexplorative activity that must nevertheless be accompanied by sentiments of joy, of exaltation and wonder that are the engine that drives it to organise the internal world in an constantly gratifying and satisfactory way.

We know that “movement” is the most important thing for these natives, although it cannot only be physical excitement that originates in anxiety and in restlessness: the difference between the two typologies is in fact represented by contact with feelings that, makes a fantastic Puer on the side light, full of enthusiasm and curiosity when it manages to give value to what it explores, while on the dark side the Puer is substantially depressed by everything that does not make sense or is not motivating, and it must move continually, to do something again which looks for fulfilment that in fact, will never arrive because there is no value and this produces excess movement, a strong nervous dispersion and always boredom and discontent as an end result.

The ability to surprised and amazing by discoveries are the most interesting features of the Puer because they let him build his internal world, leaving aside continuous exploration and the development of outside factors.

In fact, the System Nervous – which is very much tied to the sign of Gemini – is also structured in a way that makes it excited by stimuli that come from the outside and inside, and in this case, natives always have an active, swift and fast nervous system in terms of reactions and perception.

For the Gemini man, play is extremely important, which must not be seen only as an escape and detachment from reality and commitment, but something fundamental for inner balance; play is a border activity, something that lets the mind try out its abilities and positive charcateristics; a territory that is not even inside or outside, neither true or false, not even only subjectively, but not even objectively. Play means continuing to be inventive and creative and also lets him try paths that would otherwise be unexplorable.

Play allows hypothetical exploration without the acceptance of responsibility, combinations and behaviours that may never be taken into consideration in reality; play enters into a “virtual” space in which it is possible to push ahead, it is possible to risk, it can mean winning and it is possible to lose; in which, however, all the possibilities are taken into consideration: if we do not try things out directly then new things would not exist and there would be no inventions or new solutions.

The Gemini man must remain “playful” inside; it is his psyche that requires it and it is a way to remain curious and unusual, able to put himself to the test and in continually opening up to possibilities that will improve him: if he loses this contact it is as if he degenerates and slowly fades out his proverbial brilliance and acuteness.

If he does not remain in contact with the side that shines, the Gemini man will be forced to identify himself with the dark side and this denigrated aspect will end up taking on an archetype form that is characterised by the difficulty to take responsibility and commitment, and the incapacity to face sentiments that lead to real difficulty in development that can become a real pathology.

Thus, it is fundamental for the Gemini man to remain young in the mind rather than to risk keeping everything on the aesthetic side that, at that point imprisons him in a pathetic caricature of the Puer.

In fact, the Gemini man must choose between becoming an “old man who is young deep down, able to be with younger people and to enjoy all that they can bring”, or a “young man in physique but spent and old at a mental level; a person who, without having developed his inner world, ends up by relating only to his external image, when the meaning of life and experience is completely lost”.

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