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Is Gemini Manipulative? - Gemini Manipulation Potential

Gemini Manipulation Potential

Gemini people are witty and quick. Their reflexes are unpredictable and they have the ability to confuse people with their overly imaginative sense of thinking. These people want to know it all. They think, read, ask, and ponder after.

Gemini are highly intelligent, able to become the center of attention within their chosen social circle of friends. Their energy is contagious and their excitement is beyond what is expected.

Since Gemini is represented by the twins, it is no wonder these guys or gals run around life in all different directions in an effort to have it all and feel it all. They desire experiencing all of the exciting things that life has to offer. They are wild and artistic. Their inspiration is grand, as they adhere to no rules but get a lot of things done. They can not sit still, as life awaits them.

However, because these fellow Gemini individuals are consequently out there and exploring beyond all boundaries, people or friends will get jealous of them. They can ultimately manipulate their potentials by invading their personal space or inflicting on their uniqueness and superfluous judgement.

Gemini can conversely be easily taken advantage of. These people are trustworthy enough to be very gullible. They accept all knowledge and their liberal attitude provides them with an open mind. Usually this is great, but it must be guarded with precaution in the long run for security and a peace of mind. When anyone tells them something strange or out of the ordinary, Gemini assumes it is normal, as they are truly tolerant of the mysteries of life.

In addition, their minds are a bit out of the ordinary as well. Thus, people can confuse a fellow Gemini in a way that makes them too vulnerable in conversation. They believe in the odd and peculiar, so when speaking with people, they should be wise to gather their morals first and foremost. Then, they will have time to really think and process the information people tell them.

Gemini loves to play games. Especially if they are mind games, they will appreciate it. These folks enjoy the ambiguous prospects of games as well as playing them based on their unique thoughts and here they have a chance to utilize their minds accordingly. With a Gemini, they are curious beings.

They essentially want to be patient in all their undertakings, but ultimately truly can not carry out that reasonable behavior. They then pay the price of being manipulated by people who see this weakness in them.

In terms of work, a Gemini individual will be going from place to place, quickly and spontaneously. To minimize these Geminis potential, their employers could basically force them to handle one task, which is monotonous and simply. The Gemini thing to do would be to leave the job and do something totally free. When it comes to working, you will need to feel free with your minds. You have a right to be in control of your freedom and overall potential.

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