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Gemini Moon Sign Food Profile

Gemini Moon Sign Food Profile

If Gemini is the Moon sign for you or someone you care for, here are some observations to help you understand the food patterns typical of this sign and, if need be, to modify or optimize them. If these descriptions don’t seem to fit, the answer may be in aspects (angles) other planets form to the Moon in the birth chart. For more details on aspects, see the explanation at the end of this article.


If you are typical of this Moon sign, your eating doesn’t exactly have a pattern. You hate boredom in food as much as in everything else in life, so you are forever trying out new places to eat, new forms of cuisine and trendy fast food. Many of you are charming raconteurs, so you don’t lack for dinner companions as you troll the city on the prowl for a new taste sensation. You frequently forget to eat, while you surf the net or talk on the phone for hours or bury yourself in the pages of the newest best-seller. As a consequence of long-delayed meals, over-stimulation, and too many lattes, you are all too often wired. People who are wired don’t tend to gain weight, however, so few of you have to diet seriously. Some of you are even overly thin.


The Moon sign describes some of the character traits of your mother or other women who took care of you as a child. In particular, it spells out food habits and tastes learned at the family table growing up that may either help or hinder in the perennial search for fitness. Your own Mom — or perhaps it was an aunt or big Sis who played a key parental role — may have been offhanded about traditional housewifely duties, but, boy, could she tell a tale! She felt that we don’t live to eat but eat to live. She taught you that a good talk over take-out pizza is more satisfying than a gourmet dinner with a bore. Lively and often controversial dinner conversation may have been more of a staple than the four major food groups. Actually, for her, there were more than four — caffeine being the fifth! If you yawned yourself to sleep over dinner each night, then something more than Moon in Gemini was in effect — check out the section on aspects below.


If you do overeat, it is to escape boredom and to feed an addiction to overstimulation. Sometimes you turn to the carbs to bring yourself down from a caffeine jag or to stop feeling so wired. Needless to say, cutting back on caffeine and stopping to breathe once in a while would serve you better.


Especially if you don’t pay enough attention to meals and are overly thin, make your eating experiences as fascinating as the other forms of intellectual activities you pursue. Subscribe to a gourmet recipe magazine or surf the net for interesting new recipes. Cultivate a favorite restaurant reviewer and try out the places recommended in the column — or, since you may well have writing talent of your own, become a reviewer yourself.

If cooking is just too much of a bore, get a speaker phone or headset so that your hands are free for food preparation while you catch up on phone time. Meet your hospitality debts by putting on a true “salon” or monthly book club, with interesting discussion topics or analyzing a book the guests have all agreed to read.

DISCLAIMER: This material is meant for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat specific difficulties or needs in the area of nutrition, digestion, or health. For any severe or persistent difficulties or to remedy an eating disorder, consult a qualified health care professional.

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