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Gemini On Ninth House Cusp

Gemini in 9th house – Gemini on the cusp of the ninth House

You likely go to your philosophical and/or spiritual beliefs to seek and find ways to gain information and knowledge or to prove what you know. This is an interesting position for Gemini because it represents ‘the student in the teacher’s house’. It is likely that you are challenged by authority figures, and seek to learn and know more than they do so you can feel free to think and believe what you want.

There is the danger that you think you know more than you really do, and you miss out crucial information trying to prove your wisdom prematurely. It is important not to depend on or to expect education and information alone to carry you – you need to actually have the life experience to have credibility. You may find that communicating the wisdom of your life experiences to others helps you and others learn and grow in your life journeys.

In the 9th house we are involved with the higher mind, the higher self, higher education, philosophy, psychology, religion, sociology, all of the disciplines which require intellect. This is where Gemini can actually shine or bring forth all of the characteristics of the intellectuality. Again the caution is Gemini could approach these disciplines purely from an intellectual viewpoint or intellectual curiosity.

Since the ninth house is directly opposite the third house of communication, the karmic responsibility ofon the cusp of the ninth House is to be involved in the higher disciplines, but communicate them. Of course, it is also the house of freedom, and Gemini needs the freedom to explore, to investigate, but the results of the exploration and the results of the investigation must be communicated to others. It is always from the higher mind quality.

Here, again, we are dealing with the abstract levels of the Mental Plane, and we are concerned with the Christ Concept of “harmony and wisdom.” Gemini must learn to harmonize wisdom, the intellect, with life itself as these things are applied in the nitty-gritty daily encounters with people, places and events. There is a need for Gemini to develop judgment in higher knowledge pursuits.

The legal aspect of the ninth house could illustrate itself in Gemini through an analytical approach. Carrying over the influence of the eighth house, Gemini could develop a sense of the higher justice of spiritual law as it relates to mankind and the ability to teach that to man. This teaching aspect of Gemini on the ninth house cusp is important from the viewpoint of the college professor. And in both instances of the third and ninth house, communication on the part of Gemini could be through writing and publishing.

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