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Gemini Ox Personality

Ox GeminiThe most stable of the flighty Gemini brood, the Ox – Gemini breed are notorious for your split personality approach to your inevitable romantic antics.

On the one hand, your Ox component wishes to establish a nice, comfy home arrangement, complete with loving partner.

On the other hand, your Gemini component needs a separate expressly sexual lover on the side. Be sure you know which side of the dividing line your partners line up on.

And should you be unfortunate enough to end up being exposed as a two-timer, it’s important to cultivate something of a forgive-and-forget attitude from your new enemies (as well as conceal any of your other extracurricular activities), since you are in the habit of neither forgiving nor forgetting a perceived breach of loyalty — and any complaint will be perceived as such!

Such an unfair double standard is typical of you, but that’s the way it has to be — everything just the way you like it, all the time, regardless of propriety or even possibility.

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