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The Gemini Parent

If your parent is a Gemini, they are a lot of fun! Maybe they take you on day trips to do exciting things. They love to talk with you, although you may have to ask them to let you finish your ideas before they jump in with theirs. Your Gemini part is constantly busy, and can be forgetful. Try leaving notes for them about important things, or call to remind them. You are important and they do love you, but they are hectic and scatter-brained!

The Gemini Child

Wow! You love to talk! You also love to learn new things, meet new people and explore new places. You probably learned to read earlier than most kids, and maybe you’re a computer wiz too. It would be great if you can learn to speak a foreign language — maybe Spanish or French. The more ways you have to communicate, the happier you are. Try to remember that silence is also a part of communication. Be careful not to interrupt people. Yes, you get excited when listening and want to say things right away, but learn to let them finish their thoughts. More about Gemini Child

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